Sunday, February 19, 2012

What an awesome day!

I had a pretty awesome day today. I was able to have lunch with my good friend who also happens to be a fellow Reserve Army wife. Her husband was deployed and recently came home. They were in another state visiting family for the past month and she is finally back in the sunshine state! I am one happy girl!!! (plus they are probably going to stay for awhile, which makes me really happy!) I love having someone who is a good friend and who also understands the military and deployments. Having someone so close is awesome, we live so far away from the husband's unit, and don't have the same support system that those who live on or near a post have. Don't get me wrong I have some great friends that have been absolutly amazing during this deployment (my biffle), but having an Army wife battle buddy is just awesome.
S and I's story of how we met is kind of an interesting one. This fall my biffle and I decided to go to our children's babysitters craft fair, my biffle invited a friend she wanted me to meet becuase she was a fellow army wife, her husband was deployed at the time and she had a baby boy. So, I was pretty excited to meet someone that I could potentially become friends with that also understood the what I was going through. We met that day and hit it off right away. We exchanged numbers, made plans to hang out soon and of course friended each other on Facebook. Later that night I got a text from her asking if the husband had been at Ft. McCoy in October 2010? I knew he had been up there around that time for a MOB course, but didn't know about the dates for sure, so I checked his orders and told her that he had been there at the time she was asking about. She then begins to tell me that the weekend his was up there the husband went out to the bar with her, her husband and another MP friend that the husband had met while he was at Ft. Leonardwood for EBOLC! How crazy is that?!?!?  I remember the husband telling me about running into this MP friend, and how strange that was, and that they went out to the bar one night. I couldn't believe that she had met my husband almost exactly a year before she met me! She also told me that while they were out the husband talked about me and Little L and her that when she moved to Florida she needed to stop by and meet me. What a small world huh? (Sorry for the random order of the story)
Anyways. We hung out while both husbands were deployed, and let me tell you how amazing it has been, we get along great and I consider her a really good friend, but to also have someone to talk "army" with and not have to explain the acronyms or answer those dreaded deployment questions (you know which ones I'm talking about) is great. Just having someone who knows what you are going through who is close enough to hang out with is AMAZING! S and her husband were also the couple that came to the airport with me to pick up the husband for R&R and took pictures. It was great having them there, one to keep me sane and from falling apart, two to have those pictures and three to have someone there who understood the feelings that I was going through without having to say them out loud was great.
So, back to my day. We were able to go out to lunch at Olive Garden (which I LOVE) and chat for at least 2 hours, without having kids around. It was a much needed break for me and I enjoyed every second of it.
I was also able to finish a pinterest project today, I will have to wait to post pictures because it's a present for the husband and I don't want him to see it on here before he gets it in his care package. But I will post pictures once he has it. I'm pretty proud of myself for this little project. I'm not very artsy, so the fact that this project's creativity was done mainly on powerpoint, I was all set.
Baby E is now going to bed around 9pm every night and sleeping until around 6:30. It is amazing how much she can sleep. Little L is now going to bed all on his own, I had created a horrible habit of laying down with him to go to sleep every night after the husband left, and I am happy to say we have broken that habit without shedding many tears. :)
I also heard from the husband today, which of course always makes any day great. I love hearing his voice and being able to talk to him.
So, sorry for the rambling, probably repetitive post, but I am just one happy girl today. Heard from the husband, great lunch with a great friend, kids were good tonight, project 1 done and now it's time for me to finally get some sleep. Good all!


  1. Yay! Sounds like you are doing GREAT! I am so happy to hear that things in the sleep department are going well and it is AWESOME that you have a fellow Army wife close by who can be a sounding board as well as support. So happy for you!!! :D

    1. Thanks Jenn! It is great having someone like her so close, especially seeing as I don't live near a base. I do feel like I'm doing pretty good, just counting down the days until my husband can be home for good. :)

  2. Love you! I'm so glad that we met...too bad it couldn't have been sooner! We are very much looking forward to this weekend as well. And you know I'm always up for olive garden.

    1. I know! I wish it could've been sooner too!!! We will def be hitting up Olive Garden a lot more now that you're back. :)


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