Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm not sure what to title this one :)

**The beginning might get a little sappy, you've been warned** :)

Last night I was talking to my biffle on Skype messenger and saw that a few notifications came through on Facebook. One my husband was making fun of the status update that I had done earlier, claiming that twitter was just a click away. I haven't joined twitter, nor do I plan to, but he thinks this is funny. So, after bantering back and forth for a min or two I decide to check his facebook page, just to see if anything new had popped up. This is what I saw:

"I want to thank my beautiful wife, Kathryn for standing by my side throughout this deployment. She is an amazing woman I knew that when I married her but this deployment has shown me that she is stronger than she knows, giving birth to our second child, raising 2 children,and keeping up with all the bills.........AND working...all the while keeping a smile on her face as she tries not to cry because she misses me.........I thank god for my amazing Wife.......I LOVE YOU KATHRYN"

Let's just say my heart stopped and I started bawling. Now granted it doesn't take me much to cry and my husband tells me he loves me all of the time and how much he loves me and all of this stuff fairly often. I sure do love hearing it, but I never expected to find this as his status update on Facebook. I absolutly LOVE it!!!! He is the most amazing man I have ever met and I feel so lucky to be married to him. He is an amazing husband, father, and friend. I am so proud to stand next to him and call him my husband. I don't know what I would without him in my life and I hope to never find out. I love him with everything I am.

So, I'm still really happy when I wake up this morning and get myself and the kids ready to go in the morning (we have a great little routine going now) and head off to work. Once I get to school I get ready for the day (which means I plan what I'm going to do because I haven't gotten back into the routine of planning ahead yet) and of course time goes by too quickly and the kids are at my door. During first period as I'm teaching about the Assyrians (don't you wish you were in my class? :) ) I get a Skype message from the husband saying he knows I'm teaching but that he wanted me to know he's ok. Well, I'm glad he's ok, but this made me curious as to why he would so specifically tell me he's ok, so I went onto between classes and found this article. Now let me tell you. I would have been a HUGE mess if I had read this before I had heard from him! I did really good in the beginning of the deployment, I never watched the news other than for the weather report, I didn't read news articles about the war, I just stayed in my little bubble letting the husband tell me what I needed to know. I know that probably sounds ignorant, but it helped me stay sane. I looked up information once and didn't find anything, then in October I think I found an article on Yahoo about when NATO forces took over a stronghold I think was in northern Afghaninstan (my memory is a little fuzy on the details) and started doing the reserach to find out what area it was in, I put all of this information together and  put two and two together and realized the husband was in that area at the time!!!! Can we talk about no sleep for awhile, not to metion driving my self crazy?!?! My goodness! I decided after that I would try to stay away from any news about Afghanistan. Well, let's just say after the riots (that's what they are because people are not "peacefully" protesting, so you cannot call it a protest) broke out, I started looking for any information I could. I wanted to make sure the husband was ok and to be informed. I almost became obsessed over it. The husband has told me time and time again to stop reading the news articles and today I was listening to him for once. It was probably a good thing too.
I don't know about all of you, but this rioting is really starting to make me nervous, anxious and crazy all at the same time. I feel like it's not getting better and it will get worse before it gets better. Ugh! I pray daily for the safety of every person of the armed service, whether they are U.S. or another NATO country. All of this is just driving me crazy and making it had to sleep. What are your thoughts and how are you keeping yourself from going crazy with what's going on over there? I think I need to stay away from the news for awhile, we'll see how well that goes. :)


  1. Oh girl, I'm glad to hear that you got such sweet messages from your husband, and I stay away from the news as well. A lot of it just makes me angry or upset or confused, and seeing as I don't have some big-whig politician's ear to bend, I'm not likely to be the root of any changes. So I feel it best to stay away from it all. That sounds so ignorant to some people, and perhaps it is, but I truly enjoy living MY life and not stressing over things I can't change.. :)

    1. Jenn, I completely agree. Until this craziness that has happened over there I stayed in my little bubble. I think I need to return to my bubble. :)


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