Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 365 Days 58-64

Time for another installment of Project 365 :)

Day 58
These are sooo yummy! Make a great snack, just remember to brush your teeth afterwards :)

Day 59
These are by far my favorite Girl Scout Cookies. My amazing husband brought some of these home for me. I love this time of year!!!!!

Day 60
Look who learned how to drive the Gator.....she LOVES driving this now!

Day 61
We received a dragon in the mail from my cousin's girlfriend. After Pretty Girl being deathly afraid of it, now she LOVES it.
Day 62
We posted a sign by the road of our house that an old engine was free to anyone. We came home from M's parents house to find the engine gone and they left this note. How sweet!!!!!
Day 63
This is how my crazy cat drinks out of the sink. And he wonders why he sometimes get wet. Silly kitty!
Day 64
This is posted in the window to a PE teachers office at a charter school. This doesn't really seem appropriate to me, does it to you???

Monday, March 24, 2014

Just a little update

Hello there! Sorry I have been absent so much lately. I have wanted to write for awhile now, but just haven't known exactly what to say. So here is a little update.

First, off things have been slowly improving in multiple areas of my life lately and it has been amazing! Let me tell you! I feel like a huge weight has been lift off and that I have a lot less anxiety lately which is awesome!

Second, our children are growing and becoming such funny, awesome little people. Our son is growing into such a young man and our daughter is turning into a little diva/spitfire. They keep us quite busy. But I don't think I would have it any other way.

Third, this week is my son's Kindergarten round up!!!!! Holy cow! Where has the time gone?!??! I cannot believe we are going to be visiting his school and getting geared up for Kindergarten in the fall. Where did my baby go??? :( I am happy and sad about this all at the same time.

Fourth, my Origami Owl business has dropped off quite a bit. I'm quite bummed about it and I'm not sure how to change it. I want it to be a little bigger than it is and it's frustrating to not know how to fix it.

and finally, I am looking forward to summer and getting some time to work out and some time to relax. I also can't wait to see my aunt who is coming the beginning of April. I have missed seeing her as much since my grandma passed away.

I hope you are all having a great Monday. It's cloudy, rainy and chilly here in the sunshine state.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Project 365 Days 51-57

Here is another installment of my project 365!

Day 51
Happy Girl!!!!

Day 52
These keep getting closer and closer to my house! I can't wait for one to open in our town

Day 53
She loves getting her picture taken

Day 54
Pirogues! First time I made them by myself! M is so much better than me at making them, but they were still tasty

Day 55
Proud of herself for putting a heart sticker on her arm

Day 56
This is where the cat hides when the dog is after him. His food dish sits on top of this little table

Day 57
Finally updated my picture frame at work with pictures that were taken over the summer. Better late than never, right?

Whew! One day I will get caught up :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 365 Days 44-50

I know it's late, but it's spring break and I have some time to get caught up. Enjoy!

Day 44
Doesn't everyone wear their sunglasses to the grocery store??

Day 45
Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 46
Wearing brother's Spiderman costume

Day 47
Crazy hair in the bathtub

Day 48
Playing with Link n Logs at Grandma's house

Day 49
M tagged me in a post on Facebook with this poem and I've been trying to slow down and spend more time with the kids each day.

Day 50
A girl I worked with posted this on my Facebook wall. We worked at a hotel that housed baseball players who were trying out for the local team. Let me tell you, I loved being in college and single at that point in my life. I love a man in baseball pants! yum yum!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 365 days 37-43

Time for another installment of Project 365. :)
 Day 37
We are updating our door from the ugly brown to these beautiful white 6 panel doors. It just needs to be painted, but it already makes the house look brighter

Day 38
Girl loves to have pockets in her shorts. Please excuse the mess behind her :(

Day 39
My mom and I took the kids to Chick Fil-A to have lunch and play. This was the first time Pretty Girl would actually go up and play.

Day 40
Went to the Boys Scout Blue and Gold dinner, daddy joined us after Drill and of course Pretty Girl had to wear Daddy's cover.

Day 41
Boy is just like his daddy and can build! Loves his link n logs from Great-Grandma (p.s. those are the same link n logs that my cousin and I played with as kids at my grandma's house. Great memories!)

Day 42
Pretty Girl playing while brother is at speech. She loves her princess shirt, too bad it's actually a P.J. top

Day 43
Playing dress up at Nana and Pop pop's house. Love that she always wears her glasses upside down :)

Another week down. One day I will catch up. Now it's off to the store. Hopefully all of the old people will be home instead of out and about :) One can only wish.