Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 365 days 37-43

Time for another installment of Project 365. :)
 Day 37
We are updating our door from the ugly brown to these beautiful white 6 panel doors. It just needs to be painted, but it already makes the house look brighter

Day 38
Girl loves to have pockets in her shorts. Please excuse the mess behind her :(

Day 39
My mom and I took the kids to Chick Fil-A to have lunch and play. This was the first time Pretty Girl would actually go up and play.

Day 40
Went to the Boys Scout Blue and Gold dinner, daddy joined us after Drill and of course Pretty Girl had to wear Daddy's cover.

Day 41
Boy is just like his daddy and can build! Loves his link n logs from Great-Grandma (p.s. those are the same link n logs that my cousin and I played with as kids at my grandma's house. Great memories!)

Day 42
Pretty Girl playing while brother is at speech. She loves her princess shirt, too bad it's actually a P.J. top

Day 43
Playing dress up at Nana and Pop pop's house. Love that she always wears her glasses upside down :)

Another week down. One day I will catch up. Now it's off to the store. Hopefully all of the old people will be home instead of out and about :) One can only wish.


  1. I love that her glasses are upside down!

  2. Haha the glasses are awesome! :)

  3. Spending more time with the kids is really great. It will let you see how they grow up and let you guide them as well. Your kids are so cute.

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