Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Booger's Super Exciting Week!

Whew! Well, school is out for the summer and I finally have some time to get my thoughts together and hopefully blog a little more. But today we will start with Booger's busy last week of school.

In Florida, we get out at the end of May and Booger's birthday is at the end of May. So, Memorial weekend we decided to have Booger's family birthday party. Saturday my favorite aunt was in town, so we went swimming over at her house and spent some quality time with my family. I didn't get any pictures, which isn't like me. Thankfully my aunt got two good ones of my munchkins.

Aren't they cute?!?!?

That night, I cleaned our house from one side to the other in preparation for M's side of the family birthday party. I think everyone had a great time. Of course, the birthday boy enjoyed having everyone over to play with him.

He LOVES anything to do with Avengers. So he picked out an Iron Man cake

After cake, we opened presents. He played with his new toys and eventually everyone went home. It was a nice birthday for our 6-year-old. (WOW! How did he get so old?!?!)

Monday was spent hanging around the house and just relaxing. It was a nice way to spend our Memorial Day.

Tuesday was Booger's actual birthday. He was so excited to take cupcakes into school to share with his friends.

We also let him decide what we were having for dinner that day. He thought that was pretty awesome!

Thursday that week, our Booger graduated from Kindergarten! Can you believe it?!?! I sure can't!

And Friday was his last day of school as a Kindergartner. I still cannot believe it!

Saturday was his friend birthday party and I again forgot to take pictures. Only a few school friends came, but he had a BLAST and that's what is important.

So, that is Booger's extremely busy and exciting week!

I will be back soon to recap our summer so far. :) Have a great Wednesday!