About Me

I am a mommy, wife, army wife, daughter, friend, teacher, granddaughter. I love to read and bake (even though I don't have time for either)

Here is my story:

Born- In Michigan, only child but my cousin is only 2 years younger than me and lived 10mins away. We grew up like brother and sister
2001-Graduated High School
August 2001- Started college at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Studied Elementary Education with minors in math, science and social studies. I grew up wanting to teach 4th or 5th grade or History.

September 2001- Pledged my sorority Delta Gamma. I know some people think you are "buying" your friends, but some of my best college memories come from my sorority sisters and some of my best friends to this day are from my sorority. For me it was the best decision.

December 2006- Graduated....Finally (WMU's education program is 5 years including internship)

June 2007- I flew to Florida to visit my mom and interview with an elementary school. I was offered the position the next day!!!! I did the paperwork necessary and flew home to pack my things.
August 2007- I moved to Florida to start teaching and was greeted with a HUGE culture/education shock. I barely survived that year. I think the only reason I survived was because I had made friends with the other 5 (yes you read that right) new teachers. We were all in the same boat and all had HORRIBLE classes that year. But we made it through, some how. I believe we should have written a book about our year, I don't think many people would believe our stories.

Only three of the people in this photo were NOT new teachers that year. And we ALL taught 4th grade
April 2008- Took my middle school certification test
June 2008- Was surplussed from my school (which is better than gettting laid off) and was moved to the brand new middle school to teach 7th grade science
-I love teaching middle school. I never thought I would and was devistated when I was moved out of my elementary school, but I really think it was a blessing in disguise. I don't think I would have tried middle school otherwise.

Summer of 2008 I went backpacking with a sorority sister and great friend for two weeks in Europe. We had a blast!!!!

My friend and I at Stonehenge
 August 2008 is when I met M on eHarmony. Yup we are a success story from the site. We went out the last weekend in August on a Friday, I met his whole family on Monday and we never looked back. You can read about our journey on the Our Story page. :)

June 2009- I am laid off

August 2009- Go hired back at my middle school, this time teaching 6th, 7th, 8th grade history! Jackpot!

May 2009 our son Booger was born, born a month early, but perfect in every way.

Married in June 2009 Our plan was to get married before our son arrived, but that didn't happen.

March 2010 M left for BOLC for 6 months

February 2011- Was given word that M's unit might deploy

July 2011 M left for our first deployment

December  2012 our daughter Pretty Girl was born while daddy was overseas, but was able to "be with us" through Skype

August 2012 We welcomed home our solider.

I try very hard to keep our lives as normal as I can. I am the balancer of our Army/Civilian worlds, schedule maker, TriCare wizard, belly laugh maker, boo boo kisser, and so much more. I have been told I am the rock of our family, even though most days I feel like I fall WAY short. I am sooo proud to stand next to my husband and my best friend! I am so thankful for the life I have and for everything that God has given me.


  1. Hello! I saw you at the Military Support Blog directory and I'm following you now from http://inhighheelsanddogtags.blogspot.jp/. I am really thrilled to have found this support group. I am looking forward in visiting your blogs and meeting you all.

  2. Oh my goodness girl, you had your baby girl without your husband home. Ah, you are such a strong mama. I've been following your blog, but just now took the time to go through your tabs. Thanks so much for sharing these intimate moments of your life. I always love connecting with military wives :)

  3. OMG how I am just now learning that you are a Delta Gamma?!!!!?? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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