Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 365 Days 44-50

I know it's late, but it's spring break and I have some time to get caught up. Enjoy!

Day 44
Doesn't everyone wear their sunglasses to the grocery store??

Day 45
Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 46
Wearing brother's Spiderman costume

Day 47
Crazy hair in the bathtub

Day 48
Playing with Link n Logs at Grandma's house

Day 49
M tagged me in a post on Facebook with this poem and I've been trying to slow down and spend more time with the kids each day.

Day 50
A girl I worked with posted this on my Facebook wall. We worked at a hotel that housed baseball players who were trying out for the local team. Let me tell you, I loved being in college and single at that point in my life. I love a man in baseball pants! yum yum!


  1. I love first picture, too funny!

  2. Ha! Baseball is not really the thing in Canada that it is in the States so I have to say I never really understood it, but those are definitely some pants!

  3. Aww...we all need to remember to slow down and enjoy life. I can only imagine working around a bunch of baseball players in college. Awesome

  4. i wear my sunglasses all the time too! ;o)


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