Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 365 Days 58-64

Time for another installment of Project 365 :)

Day 58
These are sooo yummy! Make a great snack, just remember to brush your teeth afterwards :)

Day 59
These are by far my favorite Girl Scout Cookies. My amazing husband brought some of these home for me. I love this time of year!!!!!

Day 60
Look who learned how to drive the Gator.....she LOVES driving this now!

Day 61
We received a dragon in the mail from my cousin's girlfriend. After Pretty Girl being deathly afraid of it, now she LOVES it.
Day 62
We posted a sign by the road of our house that an old engine was free to anyone. We came home from M's parents house to find the engine gone and they left this note. How sweet!!!!!
Day 63
This is how my crazy cat drinks out of the sink. And he wonders why he sometimes get wet. Silly kitty!
Day 64
This is posted in the window to a PE teachers office at a charter school. This doesn't really seem appropriate to me, does it to you???


  1. Those flatbread crisps look really good!

  2. Uhhh... That sign doesn't seem very appropriate to me!

  3. Hope you guys are doing well!


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