Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello everyone! I thought I would stop in and give a little update. Things have not been good on the home front. Actually things are very bad and I'm not sure if we can recover from them. I want to, desperately, but who knows at this point. I just feel like we keep getting kicked over and over again.

I've obviously fallen off the bandwagon for Project 365 and I'm upset about that. I have a few more posts to do with the pictures I have taken. Maybe I will try again next year.

I am also looking for a new blog name. I will be getting away from the military life writing and would like to take this a more personal route. I am open to any and all suggestions.

I am hoping one day I will be able to say everything is great and it worked out the way it was supposed to, but right now I just feel lost, alone and overwhelmed.

Thank goodness for the end of the school year which is fast approaching! My civics students are getting ready to take their end of course exam, which this is the first year the score will be counting for or against the students and myself. I'm REALLY nervous! I hope they will do ok, but seeing as we have no real guidelines on what will be on the assessment, I have a hard time feeling like my students are prepared. Plus the amount of information we have to cover in the school year is just ridiculous.

With the end of the school year also comes a mad rush for my course recovery kids. Most are working to pass onto the next grade and most have really lite a fire under their butts. Unfortunately not all have and some are in danger of repeating the same grade again next year, that summer school won't help them. It's really stressful this time of year for me. I am constantly watching and prodding and pushing them. It makes for long days at work and even longer days at home at night. I'm ready for a break.

I NEED a break! I need to focus on me and what makes me happy. I have lost myself and I need to find her. I can't make others happy without me being happy first and loving myself. Which I don't at the moment.

Sorry for the vagueness. I wish I could go more into detail, but I'm just not ready yet, which is why the blog has been so silent.

So, I hope you will all bear with me during this time and I hope that I won't lose too many of you due to my silence.

Happy Monday y'all!!!!!


  1. Hugs friend!!! Always here for you.

  2. Love you K! I think you need to take a trip to Iowa soon.

  3. I've been missing your posts, girl. Don't worry about the 365 project! You can pick that back up whenever you want. :) And please know that I'm praying for you and your family.

  4. I was just thinking about you the other day.. I hope everything is okay and works out for you guys. You deserve the best lady! Let me know if you need anything.


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