Monday, May 19, 2014

New Blog Name and suggestions

Happy Monday ya'll. Well I have decided my little blog has taken a different turn. My husband is still in the Army Reserves, but I feel that I'm not talking military as much anymore. So I am thinking of changing the name of my blog and doing a new design. I'm thinking of calling this Kat's Korner, but if anyone else has any suggestions, I'm open to any and all.
I will let you all know as soon as I make my decision and I hope I don't lose my few faithful readers with this transition. I am hoping to start blogging some more, especially about my kids and what's going on in our lives lately. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I will be back to blogging more frequently soon.

Don't forget to send me any blog name suggestions you have :) Thank you in advance!

Pretty Girl in her pretty skirt
Booger at his Gymnastics showcase (all kids received a medal)


  1. Cute pictures! I think "Kat's Korner" is super cute too.

  2. I love Kat's Korner!! Great name. :)

  3. I would probably still be looking for a new name if it wasn't for my brother.
    It's so hard when there are so many blogs out there.
    I think Kat's Korner would be great!


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