Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one. M tagged me in a picture on Facebook the other day and it made me think.

It made me think that maybe I do need to slow down a bit and try to not cram as much in on the weekends as I can. Usually when M is gone I go crazy trying to clean the house, get all dishes done, laundry done and any other little projects done that I don't get a chance to do during the week.
This weekend M was at Boy Scout camp (He is now a troop's assistant scout master and I couldn't be more proud of him) and it was just the kids and I at home. Instead of rushing around and getting everything done, I spent time with the kids. We made cleaning a game, they helped with laundry, we played outside, watched movies, spent time with Grandma and just took it easy.
Let me tell you. It was exactly what I needed. Don't get me wrong, I had some anxiety knowing M was coming home and the house wasn't clean, I was afraid he would tell me how crappy the house looked and I didn't want to feel horrible and that I was a horrible wife for not having a sparkling house. But he never said one word to me about it. And for that I am thankful
I wish I had some actual pictures to prove everything, but I don't. :(

So, I am trying to slow down a bit. Not sure how well I will do with this, but I am trying to make more time for my family and for me to relax. I need to relax every now and then.

How do you react when your spouse is gone? Do you feel the need to clean the second he leaves?


  1. I usually clean as soon as Kyle leaves for an extended period of time, if I do that then I can relax while he is gone. :) So glad you had a quiet and nice weekend.

  2. As soon as my hubby leaves, I just stay on the internet and blog and catch up on my shows on the DVR. Also, hang out with my friends if it is a weekend

  3. Um yes, I do. It is next to impossible to keep the house clean with my husband anywhere near by. He is like a tornado that just leaves a mess in his wake. So the minute he leaves (even if it is just for work on Monday), I clean. It is just easier that way. I am so glad to hear you are taking it slow though. Sometimes that is most definitely needed.

  4. Um you are superwoman! You should never get any crap for not having a sparkling home. Especially since you need to enjoy your kids AND find time for yourself. I've been an SAHW for a month now, and my house ain't sparklin'. I've been spending time with Will and the family, and I would smack him if he complained the house wasn't clean, haha. I don't nag him for things, so I refuse to be nagged. You should too.


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