Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 365 Days 30-36

Time for another installment of Project 365.

Day 30
Time for my annual lady doctor check up. Thank goodness I only have to go once a year

Day 31
This was just too funny not to share :)

Day 32
M and I went to the dinner theater with some family friends. It was a nice night out

Day 33
My kids really do love each other, trying to capture them giving hugs

Day 34
The pantry my husband built for us. It's not finished, but I can't believe how much room we have now!

Day 35
Soooo excited to get this! I am finally able to host jewelry bars around the country! Let me know if you would like to host one and earn some free jewelry!

Day 36
Pretty Girl got her first ever black eye. She just had to go for a toy while sitting in our recliner.
Toy 1 Pretty Girl 0


  1. Jealous of your pantry! Also love the photo of the kids hugging. I can't get over how big she looks in every picture!

  2. Love the pantry.. and the picture of your kiddos hugging. Hoping that black eye goes away pronto! :)

  3. love the pantry! these pics were fun love the choices ;)


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