Friday, February 17, 2012

MIL-an update

I saw my in-laws last night for the first time since before the husband went back to the sand box, if you aren't familiar with the recent issue with my in-laws you can read about it here. I met them last night at a little petting zoo that was set up in a parking lot. (Yes you saw right, a petting zoo in a parking lot, it's weird but neat) You are able to feed goats, llamas, ride ponies, see a tiger, monkeys and lemurs. It's interesting and seeing as admission was free it's a great thing to do with kids. Mainly while we were there neither of my in-laws spoke to me, they basically played with Little L. It was nice for Little L to see his grandparents and cousins, but it was very awkward for me. I would ask questions or make comments and they would respond to them and then drop the conversation. They did get Little L to ride on the ponies, which means I was able to get a video of him. It was pretty cute. They then tried to get him to take a picture with a baby tiger, but he wasn't having any of it. Thankfully they did not push him to do it, sometimes I feel like they push him a little too much to do things he might not want to do. Anyways. Afterwards they invited me out to dinner, in which case they hardly talked to me again and my MIL waited for me to tell her she could hold Baby E, which is very unlike her, generally she just grabs the baby when she wants to. We made it through dinner, which the service was horrible, and went to their house to visit some more. My MIL finally started to talk to me a little more, but it's not like it use to be. Her and I used to be able to talk for hours about nothing in particular and be pretty comfortable around each other. They asked how the husband was ONCE. I'm sorry, he's your son and in a WAR zone!!!! Seriously people?!?!?! What a way to show his family that you care about him. My goodness!
So, overall it wasn't a horrible experience, but I do miss the days I could go over there and talk to my MIL for hours and just enjoy being there instead of feeling like I have to walk on eggshells. But I have to remind myself, it could be worse and they are the reason we are in this situation. They had the chance to fix it and were too proud to do so.
I have been interviewing babysitters lately. I had an appointment set up with one before I came back to work and she never showed or called, so obviously I didn't hire her. Another one came and she seemed great. So, we tried her out the Friday before I went back to work and it went well. She has three girls around the ages of my nephews so Little L loved playing with them. Tonight I have another meeting with one. I think having two or three that I can call would be great. This way I can go to my book club once a month and possibly a dinner or two with friends without the kiddos. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and love being around them, but sometimes it's nice to get away and have an adult conversation without having to stop and say "No Little L", "stop doing that", "that's enough", etc. So, hopefully tonight will go well and we can try her out with the kids next weekend. :)
I am so excited to have Monday off of work! I know I just returned, but it is kicking my butt! I feel horrible when I complain to the husband about going to work or being tired. I know his situation is much worse than mine and he doesn't have the luxury to call in sick one day because he doesn't want to go in. So, I hate to do it and generally I try to keep my whining to a minimum or not at all. He doesn't need to hear it.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


  1. You are so entitled to be tired! Taking care of a household, two little ones, working, and dealing with your super-sweet in-laws is NOT easy!!

    I hope you find a few great babysitters so that you can get some time to yourself. There is just nothing better than being alone every so often. ;)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I have found a few that I feel comfortable with. That is true, getting some alone time every now and then can do wonders!


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