Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Care Package

Today we got the husband's Valentine's care package in the mail. Generally when he's home we don't make a big deal about the holiday, to me it's not an important one. However, this year I wanted to do something for him, and I am by no means crafty. I couldn't bring myself to join pinterest to get ideas, I can waste tons of time on the Internet as it is, I'm not sure I need another site to distract me. :)

Anyways, I bought a small frame to put a picture of the two of us in it for his room and a box with his favorite candy in it. I also bought him his favorite Combos, which are never in stock on his FOB. Then I had the kids make a "card" for him and Little L finger painted him a picture. I sure hope he enjoys this little care package. Like I said I'm not very crafty, but I'm pretty proud of myself for this care package. Here are some pics.

                                           I'm surprised I got him to finger paint seeing as he hates getting his hands 
                                            dirty :)
                                          Lucas' finished product
                                          Baby E's foot prints didn't turn out the greatest, ah well.


  1. So cute!!!! He will appreciate the effort which is all that really matters!

  2. Thank you girls! I'm sure he will like it. :)

  3. So sweet! I love doing footprint art (Sam is the same way with having dirty hands anxiety), but they can sometimes turn out a little wonky. Looks great though! He will be so happy to have that. :)

  4. @JennJenn, Thank you! I was hoping Baby E's foot prints would turn out better, but oh well. Little L actually really enjoyed painting and now askes to do it frequently.


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