Friday, February 10, 2012

Interesting video on a Dad using Facebook to teach his daughter a lesson

**I forgot to add that I first saw this on Amanda from Somewhere Over the Camo's facebook page, sorry Amanda!!!**

I've seen this floating around Facebook today and watched the video. I found it funny and interesting. I wonder what our world would be like if more parents followed through with their threats and disciplined their children more. I see a lack of parental guidance, at least at my school, on a daily basis. I bet most of my students would have a different attitude if their parents paid more attention to them and weren't trying to be their friends. It's sad that I should have almost 22 students in my course recovery class. That means at least 22 students have failed a course for the semester, and sadly many failed more than one class. Our classes aren't hard, you just have to do the work and put some effort in, but that seems to be too much for many of the students. I just really wonder what teaching would be like if our society was different. What are your thoughts?

Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson: A 15-year-old puts up a Facebook post bashing her parents for making her work too hard, dad reacts by posting a video response to her grievances on her Facebook page.


  1. Well since we are FB friends, you saw me post this too. (maybe.. lol) I think he was absolutely in the right to do this and teach a lesson. Children are so ungrateful these days and want everything handed to them. Many parents will ground and then never follow through so I give props to this father for doing what he said he would do and following through.

  2. Amanda, I did see this on your Facebook page, I forgot to give you props for seeing it on your page first, I have since fixed it. Sorry! :)
    I agree with you. I see it every day in my classroom, where kids want me to give them grades and ask why I gave them a certian grade, not that they earned it or anything.


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