Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge- Day 10 Little L's First Birthday

Oops I missed a big day. I missed talking about Little L's first birthday. M wasn't able to be with us on the day Little L turned one, but we sure did take quite a few pictures. Growing up birthdays were always a big deal in our family. We would have a family dinner on the night of our actual birthday and then of course a party with friends that weekend. So, naturally I wanted to have the same traditions for Little L. One the day he turned one, he took cupcakes to daycare. That night when I got home from work we had our families over. M's parents, nephews, sister, his Uncle Ken, family friends Paul and Rosie and my mom. (My mom is my only family that lives down here) Due to me being here by myself I decided to do just cake and ice cream for the birthday boy. I had decorations all on the table, with matching cups, plates and napkins. I picked out a cute Winnie the Pooh cake. I thought everything looked cute.

Everyone showed up and we had Little L open his presents. He likes to open something then play with it right away. It was hard getting him to open everything. But he sure enjoyed every present he got. Finally it was cake time. We got him in his highchair and sang happy birthday to him. Then my father in law decided to feed Little L his cake. It kind of annoyed me, because I felt like it was something I should be doing instead of him. He didn't even ask if it was ok, or if I wanted to be him during this time. So, that kind of annoyed me, but I let it go.

Little L had a great time. He was exhausted by the time the cake was over. Everyone stayed around for a little bit eating their cake and ice cream. Everyone finally left and my mom helped me clean up. I was leaving to visit M at Ft. Leonardwood the next day.
I think Little L had a great first birthday. It was hard to believe he was a year old already. Time sure does fly by.
Isn't he just the cutest thing?

Pop-pop feeding Little L his cake

One tired little birthday boy

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  1. Awe I love messy face pictures. What a cutie!


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