Sunday, April 22, 2012

30 Day Challenge- Day 21 Recruitment

When I started college, I decided I wanted to join a sorority, being an only child growing up, I missed having a sister or brother to always hang out with. I missed having something in common with someone, and I didn't know anyone at my college except for my roommate, who I didn't know all that well. I know a lot of people think that when you join one you are "buying" your friends, I however have to disagree. I have met some of the best people in the entire world through my sorority, they are lifelong friends.
It is interesting, I had all of these thoughts going into recruitment. I thought I wanted to live in a sorority house, I thought I wanted certain things. But through out the process, I realized it was the people that I needed to like to find the place where I "fit". It was an emotional week.
After each stage of recruitment, each potential new member ranked the houses from their first preference to their bottom, then the houses would rank the people they met, the ones they liked best and thought fit in their house the best at the top, then compared the two lists. As you went through the stages you went to fewer and fewer houses, then you were only allowed to rank the houses you saw. I was sad when I wasn't invited back to one of my favorite houses. But my Rho Chi (or recruitment leader) told me to go into the next stages with my mind open. I'm glad I did. The one thing that turned me off about the house I joined at the beginning was the fact that the house was smaller than the rest and there was no requirement to live in the house, unless you held an executive position.
Going through the stages, you always wonder if you will get the house you want. Were you a good match like you thought, or did they have other ideas in mind. Near the end of the recruitment stages I was liking Delta Gamma so much more. I felt comfortable there and like they weren't asking me to be someone I wasn't. I finally made the choice that I wanted to be a part of Delta Gamma, now I just hoped that they wanted me too.
Finally the night came, bid night, where you find out which house you "got". They made us sit on our bid cards, the cards that had which house that was offering you a bid to join. Oh the anticipation was HUGE, you could cut it with a knife. Finally they let us read our cards. I opened mine and on it was the Greek letters DG! I couldn't believe it! They wanted me!!! I was on cloud nine. I picked up my shirt and got ready to meet my new "sisters". You could hear squeals of glee all throughout the room, and few tears from those who didn't get their first pick.
That night I ran to my new "sisters" when our house was called. It was great! It was the right choice for me. I loved being a part of that group, and have met some of the best ladies in the entire world. Some of them will continue to be my good friends until our end of time. I have also some of my favorite memories from my time in the house. They will be memories I cherish forever.

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  1. I sometimes wish I would have joined a sorority. But since I went to the community college, that was one thing I gave up. Sounds awesome you found your perfect match!


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