Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge- Day 8 Our First Weekend Away Together

Yesterday I talked about M leaving for EBOLC, so today I thought it was only fitting to talk about the first time I got to go visit him at Ft. Leonardwood and our first weekend together without Little L.

Since Little L had been born, M and I hadn't spent more than a night away from him. While M was at EBOLC we decided I would go up and visit him over Memorial Weekend. I was really looking forward to spending some time with him after being apart for 2 months. I left Florida that Thursday morning and flew up to St. Louis. I then rented a car and made the horrible two hour drive to Ft. Leonardwood. Holy cow does that drive suck! I now know why they also call it Ft. Lost in the Woods. :) This trip also marked the first time I set foot onto a military base. I was sooo excited to see M!!! He gave me directions to the building he was staying in. Thank goodness he was given his own room, it resembled a hotel room, but it was nice he didn't have to share and I could stay right there with him.
When I pulled up, that's when I saw him. Standing there in his ACU's looking so good! I don't think I stopped smiling for the entire weekend!
Once we got my stuff up in his room, he changed and we went out to dinner. Even though I left Florida that morning, it took me all day to fly, then drive to get there. He first showed me around the base a little. He even took me to the PX. I was pretty impressed (I of course at the time didn't know other PXs were more impressive, like the one at Bliss). I'm sure that sounds funny to those of you that live either on or near a base, but there isn't a base close to where we live and I have never had a reason to go to a base before. M graduated basic and AIT before we had met. I was just taking everything in as we drove around.
I can't remember EVERYTHING we did that weekend. But what I remember most from that weekend was how relaxed I felt, and how amazing it was to be with the man I love. It was also great to do what we wanted when we wanted to do it. We weren't held down due to eating and napping schedules. We could sleep in, take a nap if we wanted, etc. We ate out, went to the movies, rented movies, visited the PX, went to Walmart (if you have ever been there you will know that there is NOTHING around, it's literally in the middle of nowhere), drove to go to Bass Pro Shop, a Case Knife store and just enjoyed being with each other.
The one thing I learned from that trip was, if I ever get the chance to visit him at a training again and I have a choice between a morning flight or an evening flight, I'm taking the evening flight. This trip I took the earlier flight to get home and ready for work the next day and that was sooo stupid. I had to get up super early (like 4am) to make that horrible drive back to St. Louis, instead of spending a few more hours with M.
All in all it was an amazing weekend. I needed that time away to re-energize myself and let loose a little. It was great just being the two of us again. I think he really enjoyed it too, and I think it gave him a break from the training that he needed. I think it's important that a couple gets away for a weekend if they can. It's nice to just relax and be two again. :) Although I don't think I would recommend Ft. Leonardwood as a vacation destination, but it wasn't too bad. :)

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  1. Oh Missouri.. yeah it has its moments. I am assuming you went to the Bass Pro in Springfield though.. that's where hubby's family lives! I love it down there, it is so stinking peaceful compared to the city. But I am not really a hustling bustling city type of person.

    And that's definitely why I am not in a rush for kids, cause I enjoy having those getaway moments.. it is hard enough with a big dog that has to be boarded everywhere!


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