Sunday, June 3, 2012

This weekend and Baby E's first swim (warning: Photo overload)

This weekend was pretty great. Friday night I hung out at our house with the kids. It was raining pouring outside, so it was nice to just relax at the house with nothing pressing to do. Saturday we woke up and took my car to get its oil change. I swear I have been soooo spoiled. My dad used to take care of my car when I lived in Michigan, then M took over once we became serious. It is really nice to have someone else worry about that, but alas M isn't here and it had to be done. I took it to the dealership and waiting for an hour with both kids. They behaved REALLY good. We got quite a few compliments from people about how good they were. :) Go me!!!! Afterwards we packed their stuff up and I took them to my mom's house for the night. Yup that's right.....I was getting a night to myself! Holy cow! During the afternoon I was deciding if I should call a friend to go out to dinner, but then I decided I really needed to just hang out at home by myself. After I dropped the kids off, I went for an amazing massage, compliments of my amazing husband. He knows I've been SUPER stressed lately, so he told me to go get one. It was very relaxing. Although I could do without her massaging my legs, but whatever. Then I ran to Target and got our little Baby E her first bathing suit. Oh my goodness! It is sooo cute! I really enjoyed my night to myself. I at Panera for dinner, watched two movies....uninterrupted and enjoyed a skype date with my amazing husband. It was a GREAT evening, even though I did miss my little boogers.
Her first bathing suit
Sunday when I finally got the house cleaned and grocery shopped, I went to my mom's to get the kids. She was already in the pool with Little L and waited for me to put Baby E in her suit, knowing it was important for me to put her in her first suit. I know I'm weird.....I can't help it. She loves her bath time, so I was pretty sure she would like the pool. She looked sooo cute in her suit! Of course I had to get her a hat and sunglasses. When we put her in, she just watched everything, taking everything in. Finally she started to smile. She really enjoyed herself. She was in the pool to at least a half hour. That tired her out and she went down for her nap shortly after. I'm so glad she likes the pool. Little L LOVES to swim. He is in my mom's pool every weekend. He will try and convince you to take him in almost every day. He is becoming such a great swimmer too. He reminds me of a duck, he is calm on the top, but underneath the water his long legs are kicking furiously. He is so happy to be in the water. I have a feeling once school is out, we will be spending a lot of time at my mom's pool.

Suit with sunglasses

The whole outfit...pretty cute huh?

Little L and Baby E in the pool

Little L, me and baby E

Our happy water baby

Having fun in the pool

One happy baby

I also took a few other pictures of Baby E today too. She has a really cute outfit that almost doesn't fit, so I wanted to make sure I got a few pictures of her in it before it had to be put away.

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  1. I lvoe these pictures! I am soooooo very glad you got some time away too. I'd love a massage right about now! Sounds ideal though. :)


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