Sunday, June 10, 2012

My favorite Aunt comes to visit!

This weekend my very favorite Aunt came to visit! I love when she comes to visit, I just wish she would do it more often.

I LOVE this picture of us
She has been amazing since I can remember. She never had kids, but always treated me as one of her own. I remember as a little kid when she lived in Georgia, she would fly up to Michigan to spend Christmas with the family. Every Christmas eve she would spend the night at our house and sleep in MY room. Now being an only child and having someone spend the night is HUGE! It was great waking her up extra early to see what Santa brought us.
She finally moved back to Michigan sometime when I was in middle school. She bought a cute house in downtown Howell. I would spend time with her, go to the movies or just hang out at her house. The spending time together really increased when my parents, out of the blue, separated. I was devastated and she was there. She didn't pry into what I was thinking or feeling, she just gave me a place to get away from everything. We would scrapbook together, watch movies, she would let me spend the night and she would always make hot chocolate on the stove with mini marshmallows.
Now that I have kids, she LOVES our kids like they are her own. She spoils them when she comes to visit, usually with clothes much to Little L's dismay, and will play endlessly with Little L. He absolute LOVES her. He gets so excited when I tell him she's coming to visit, and that is all he will talk about until we see her. This weekend was no exception.
This weekend was spent in the pool. He was so excited to have someone else to play with. Someone to throw him around, and pull him around and just lavish attention all on him. He was in heaven. They played cars, took a walk, ate ice cream and swam a ton this weekend. I think she loves playing with him. She asked if she could take him with her, I of course said yes :) I know eventually she would give him back, even he tires her out.
It was just great spending some time with her and watching how much Little L loves her and loves to be around her. I just wish she lived closer. Thankfully, Georgia isn't that far away.

 Did I mention that Baby E fell asleep in the pool today? How cute is she? She was happily floating and kicking then suddenly she just stopped. I looked down and she was sound asleep.

 Little L with his favorite swim buddy.

Aunt Patti with both kids. It's hard to get both kids to look at the camera at the same time and to get Little L to stop making faces. He is such a ham that it's hard to get a nice picture out of him these days.
And of course no visit is complete without a trip to the Dairy Queen for ice cream!

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  1. Love that picture of you two.. you can tell how much you all adore each other. :)


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