Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Murphy and I are NOT friends

I actually don't know anyone who is friends with good ole Murphy, but I did not hate him until this deployment and I didn't despise him until today. We have been lucky so far with this deployment. My only major issues while the husband has been gone was:

1. his stupid old truck's battery kept dying, but that was fixed with him buying his new truck on R&R. 2. The stupid woodpeckers deciding to try to make a nest on the side of my garage. (I'm seriously not kidding, our house looks quite ghetto with the tin foil I have to use to keep those pesky birds away) Do you see the two lovely holes they left? Literally one on each side. Thank goodness for tin foil.
Other hole from the woodpecker
Hole from woodpecker
3. Baby E getting sick, we still aren't sure what is making her wheeze, but thankfully she is a happy baby. We've had a few other illnesses since he's been gone, Little L has had a fever for a few days, he had a hydrocele fixed, and ear infections. Now today put me over the edge.
I woke up early because I had a dentist appointment at 0800 (really let's not talk about what I was thinking when I scheduled this appointment at this time), as I was deciding I needed to get out of bed I noticed that my right eye had a lot of yucky stuff in the corner of it and it kind of hurt. I just thought I was waking up with a lovely headache or some how got something in my eye. I finally stumbled into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. What I saw staring back at my wasn't a pretty picture, but what I noticed most was that my right eye was swollen. I called my mom and talked to her, she suggested I go to the urgent care and see what was wrong. I got there shortly after they opened and was seen quite quickly. The doctor confirmed what I hoped it wasn't......it was pink eye!!!! Really!?!??! I have NEVER in my life had pink eye before. Let me tell you, it sucks! Not only that but I have the two little ones at home, and my mom is leaving for a trip tomorrow and wasn't able to help me. Great timing huh? She offered to cancel her trip, but I told her not to, we would survive. I just have to be extremely careful not to pass this on to the kids.
I was really bummed too, I had quite a bit planned for this week to keep us busy. I had at least one outing the the gym every day (Little L loves playing there) and we also had a play date scheduled. I obviously cannot go to the gym or play date :( I was really looking forward to the play date and getting some extra exercise in. I have like 10-20 lbs to go before the husband gets home. (This is one of my deployment goals, to be back at the weight I was when I met him)
Here's to hoping that this leaves quickly and we can return to our normal routines. Thank goodness it's summer and I don't have to worry about going into work tomorrow. :)


  1. Aww you poor thing! I hope you heal quickly!!

  2. Ick, so sorry!, :(

    Hope the week doesn't turn out too bad and it's a quick recovery!!


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