Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All Children's Hospital and a Tropical Storm

This past weekend was quite the weekend. I am so glad it is over. From checking into the hospital on Friday to the Tropical Storm Debby, it has been eventful.....and not necessarily in a good way.
We checked into All Children's Friday at 1030. We hit the ground running once we got to our room. They:
* Took down all of our information
* Gave Baby E a breathing treatment, took blood for an allergy test, swabed her nose for virsus and got us all settled in.
Thank goodness for good nurses.
Happy baby....before anything was done to her

View from the couch/my bed

Baby E's bed

The couch/Bed

Baby E's Bed from the doorway

View from our room
I was pretty impressed by our room. We had a 46" TV that showed movies as well as normal TV. You were also able to see the room service menu as well as request housekeeping items or to have your room temperature changed. There was a mini fridge, and a couch that pulled out for me to sleep on. It was not the most comfortable thing in the world.  They offered room service for patients as well as for their guests. Dinner was $6 and you got an entree, two sides, a bread, dessert and a drink. I was pretty impressed with their food. Although I was not impressed with the dirt cake :( It didn't taste like what I remembered. I know it wasn't the most healthy thing I could have picked, but I felt I needed some comfort food at this point.
My dinner, you got quite a bit for $6

My comfort food

The dirt cake that I was NOT impressed with
After all of the blood work and such we went down to radiology and did a swallow study, they wanted to see if she was aspirating when she was drinking her bottle. The conculsion they came to was that we need to thicken her formula to prevent her from aspirating when drinking. The doctor calls it dysphagia. At this point we didn't have an answer to our puzzle.
We continued with the breathing treatments, every three hours throughout the night. 
Saturday morning the doctor was impressed at how good she sounded. The wheezing was pretty much gone. They spaced the breathing treatments to every 4 hours. Baby E did not like them, she screamed through You would think we were seriously hurting her with the way she was screaming. It brought me nearly to tears every time.
Our little girl, sleeping
Also that morning I woke up to pink eye again! Ugh!!!!! Can I not catch a break? Thankfully my mom brought my medicine from the last time I had it. Thank goodness!!! That afternoon my mom brought Little L to visit. It was nice having someone else hold Baby E. She can get quite heavy after awhile. It was also nice to have someone else to talk to other than the nurses. They stayed for a couple hours, then it was time to get Little L down for a nap. A little after they left my biffle came to visit. We hung out and ordered dinner. It was nice having so many visitors. It gets lonely hanging out with just your baby.
I have to say, our night nurse Kelsey was the best! She stopped and chatted with me for awhile. She also was really quiet every time she came in the room.
Saturday night is also when they named the lovely tropical storm that is reeking havoc on our state....Debby. I wasn't too worried about this tropical storm. One because I was in a huge hospital and two it was just a tropical storm and the worst of it looked to be going north of us.
Sunday morning they put the pH probe in. Oh my goodness! I felt so horrible for her. She screamed like I have never heard her scream before. It was horrible listening to her.  She had to keep this thing in for at least 18 hours. I had to make sure I didn't pull on it while holding her and I had to carry around the monitor everywhere. It was a pain. This also marked the second day that she would not take a nap in the crib. It made for a VERY.LONG.DAY. I was able to watch some Army Wives (earlier seasons) on Netflix. I've been wanting to re-watch the episodes from the beginning.
Sunday night after I finally got Baby E to bed I ran downstairs to get some dinner. I was able to talk to M for a little bit that night which was something I desperately needed. I still think it's amazing how he can make me feel better, even being so far away. I am one lucky girl.
Finally Monday morning she got the pH probe out. We also had to do a sweat test to check for cystic fibrosis. At 2pm, they finally released us.
The allergy test came back negative, the sweat test came back negative and the pH probe showed a little acid reflux. The diagnosis is: she has a little acid reflux, a little dysphagia and a little asthma.
The drive home on Monday sucked today. The wind kept blowing my car all over the place, plus the bridge home was close so we had to go around, which added at least 30 minutes to our drive. It was great finally getting home.
Well, that was my weekend. I am soooo glad to be out of the hospital. Baby E is still wheezing on and off, but she is doing much better. Little L is happy to have us home. I am so thankful to my mom and to M. My mom helped out with watching Little L and M was there for me with his support when I needed it most.

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