Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We need some prayers

Our beautiful baby girl is going to All Children's Hospital for a procedure tomorrow morning. We could use some prayers please.
We have finally figured out what is wrong with Baby E.We saw a pediatric pulmonologist. She was confused at first, the wheeze would come and go, it would be more predominate on the right side, then the left, then both. So, she gave us 3 prescriptions, and ordered an x-ray and some lab work. Let me tell you Baby E HATED the x-ray. I had to hold her arms above her head and her legs out straight at the same time. She is one STRONG girl!!!! She screamed and cried and pulled against me the whole time. I felt horrible. We got the lab work done next, then finally headed out to the car. About half way home, I got a call from the pulmonologist office saying the ENT doctor would be calling us to schedule an appointment with us because they found a foreign body in her lung that needed to be removed!!!!! What?!?!?! How can that be?!?!?! The doctors asked me a million times if Little L could have given her anything, I told them no because they are not left alone together when they are with me. I take Baby E with me every where. The only place it could have happened is daycare. That's going to be a fun conversation when we return on Friday.
Anyways. They first scheduled a consultation appointment for us on Friday, I asked the scheduling lady to talk to the doctor and see if that was necessary. It is the end of the school year, I have been out of days since I came back from maternity leave and I wasn't going to be able to take a half day and make it up to the appointment on time. Plus I didn't want to have to drive up there on Friday to be told they had to do the procedure the next week. See where I am going with this? (I should probably also mention all of these appointments are in St. Petersburg and Clearwater which are at least an hour to an hour and a half from us) The doctors finally got back to me and they decided to just schedule her for the procedure tomorrow. So, she is not allowed any formula after 0300 and only clear liquids until 0800, but her procedure isn't until 1100. Oh my goodness!!!! I am going to have one pissed off baby!!!! She is not happy when she is hungry. I asked the nurse what could I do when she starts screaming 'cause she's hungry.....she gave me a nervous laugh and said "nothing". Great.....thanks!
So, tomorrow I will be taking our sweet baby girl up to All Children's again. I know she is in good hands there. It is a GREAT hospital and I'm sure this procedure is pretty routine. I'm not too worried about it. I just wish M was here. He is my rock and keeps me calm and steady. I could really use that right about now. Hopefully he will be able to call sometime tomorrow. I know he wishes he could be here too. These are some of the moments when I miss him the most. He really is an amazing daddy!
Well, I am off to bed. I have to wake up at 0200 to make sure I feed my girl so she doesn't try to plot my death when she's starving tomorrow morning. :)


  1. Poor, sweet baby!! Sending lots and lots of prayers your way tomorrow.

  2. Oh, poor poor baby. I remember when I had to admit my baby girl (just a week old at the time!!!) into the hospital for severe dehydration and jaundice. It was soooooo scary!!!

    Praying for you guys: Heavenly Father, may you guide the hands of the doctor, fix the problem, and give this lovely family lots of Shalom (peace). In Yeshua's (Jesus) mighty name, Amen.


  3. Poor baby and Mommy!! Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way!!

  4. I know I just texted you.. but I am still praying!! This is scary stuff to do alone. Stay strong girl!

  5. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  6. Thank you all sooo much for your thoughts and prayers! She is doing good and hopefully we will figure out what is wrong with her soon! I really appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers and support!!! It really means the world to me!


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