Monday, May 21, 2012

I need to vent

**Disclaimer: I need to get something off my chest, I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I know I cannot give all of the details so this might not make a whole lot of sense, but I need to do it for me**

Karma. I believe in Karma and I believe everyone gets what is coming to them eventually. I sometimes wish Karma would happen right when it is supposed to or needed, but that hardly seems the case. I really cannot stand adults who act like middle school girls, talking about someone behind their back and having others turn against them.That is a form of bullying and it really pisses me off. I mean come on! We are adults we are supposed to treat others the way we want to be treated. But then, to put these kind of people in a position of power just really irks me. I also cannot stand when they skew the truth to make another look bad, or make another look like they made the wrong decision, based solely on the fact they don't like the person because they are in power and you are not. If you want to be in the position of leadership, then do what needs to be done to take on a leadership role! Others have done it, you can to. Don't hate someone just because they are in the position you want to be in. I'm not saying you have to agree with others all of the time. Trust me, I disagree with my administration often, but I don't go around turning others against them, or talking badly behind their backs. But there is a way to deal with the disagreements and bullying another person, is not the answer.
I feel like the worst person in the world when I really want said person to have Karma kick him/her in the "nuts". I want him/her to fail. And I want him/her to fail big time!!!! How horrible is that? I'm not saying I want anyone to get hurt, I just want him/her to feel what he/she has put others through.....and maybe a little more. I guess my belief is, is that if you go out of your way to make someone else's life miserable, the same should happen to you. You should not be rewarded and put into a position of power where others are "looking up to you". I try to teach my students every day that you may not like your teacher, you aren't always going to like your boss, but guess what? you still have to do the work. You can go home and vent to your parents or partner about that person, but in no way should you go around to others, spread lies and turn others against him/her. You have no idea what the other person is going through in private, what private hell they have to endure on top of what you are putting them through. That is a hard concept for 12-14 year olds to get, but I sure do try to get the point across.
There is a part of me (maybe it's the teacher part, most likely the irrational part) that wants to call the spouse and ream them out. Tell them they need to get their spouse in line and have them stop acting like a 13 year old girl. I know in the rational part of my brain that will do no good. No spouse has control over what their spouse does, but still. I want to protect everyone that I love, and I know I cannot do it at all times. It's just not fair! I know, life isn't fair, but at the same time, why aren't others seeing what this person is doing? Didn't everyone learn that a form of bullying is being a bystander?
I just need Karma to work quickly this time and do what needs to be done. This person should not be in the position he/she is in and needs to feel the ramifications of what he/she has done. I'm just pissed off. My high school self would be telling me "it's better to be pissed off, than pissed on". :) But I just want/need for Karma to do its thing.
I'm sorry if this didn't make any sense. I think I'm going to go to the gym and see if I can work some of this aggression out. :) Wish me luck! :) And if you have any pull with Karma, can ya put a good word in for me? Thanks! :)

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  1. Oh girl it happens. I believe people would be lying if they said they didn't wish karma would lay her hand on some person that has been evil.

    I'm sending extra thoughts that the karma comes around soon!


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