Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm back

Last week I started to feel almost normal again. I wasn't as stressed and I was getting caught up on everything that needed to be done. That all changed on Sunday. M called from a number I had never seen before, now while I love hearing his voice it was a strange phone call. It was short, he just called to tell me loves me and misses us, which was amazing but not something he does often or from this strange number, which he said was a cell phone. When I woke fully up, I panicked thinking something was wrong. I was a stress ball all morning. He finally called back again and explained he had gotten a cell phone and just wanted to try it out so he called to say he loved me. It was really sweet and I instantly felt better.......that is until Baby E wouldn't lay down for a nap.
Baby E is a VERY happy baby. She is all smiles and coos (unless of course she is hungry). Sunday morning she was great, her usual self. I put her down for her morning nap and she only slept about 30min. I fed her and she cried off and on throughout the whole bottle. We went to my mom's house that day and every time we tried to put her down, she would start crying. I don't mean the little I'm mad because you put me down cry, I mean the something is wrong and you need to pick me up NOW cry. She wouldn't smile and continued to fall asleep only on some one's shoulder. It was very strange. I finally decided I should call her pediatrician and ask if I should take her to the ER or just wait until our appointment on Tuesday. I told her the symptoms and added in that she had been wheezing for a few days but it hadn't bothered her until today. She told us we needed to go to the ER, and preferably the one in Sarasota because they have the doctors for babies and such there. So, off we went. I thankfully was able to leave Little L with my mother, which was a HUGE help. We got there, got checked in and were seen pretty quickly. They said she had a fever (which of course she didn't have one when I checked at home before we left) and that they wanted to do a breathing treatment for her wheezing. Great. Now I feel like a complete idiot and a horrible mother. I didn't realize the wheezing was anything major because it wasn't affecting her at all. Plus you only heard it after she had her bottle, so I thought it might be either a reaction to the milk or that the milk was on her vocal cords. Guess not. When the doctor came in to check her he said she had Bronchiolitis, which I guess is common in those under 6 months of age and that with some breathing treatments she will be good as new quickly. Yea! Good news! So, as we were sitting there, for like ever....they had a shift change and the new doctor wanted to see her before he discharged us. Not a problem. Then he looks in her ear (which the other one did too) and said she also had an ear infection. Which is where the fever came from. I couldn't believe it! Our poor little girl!!!! I felt horrible for her. They finally discharged us and gave us the prescriptions we needed.
Now on to finding an open pharmacy at 11:00 at night, in the land of the retired. Fun huh? Well the only one near where we live was a Walgreen's, they no longer take Tricare insurance, so I had to pay out of pocket. Which I did. But the guy in the pharmacy was a MORON!!! He said I had to come in to get the stuff I needed.....really?!?! Then what the heck is the point in a drive through???? UGh! I finally made it home after midnight, exhausted and irritated. Baby E was sleeping peacefully and my mom had brought Little L to our house to put him to bed. She ended up staying that night to make sure I didn't need help. Which was AMAZING! She also stayed home with baby E the next day so that I could go to work and not miss too many days. I seriously cannot thank my mother enough. I know M would have been amazing if he had been here, but having my mother to help is the next best thing. I am so thankful I didn't have to take Little L with us to the hospital and I am so thankful that Baby E is doing much better. She woke up yesterday morning back to her happy self. She is doing great and the fever broke yesterday. I am so thankful it didn't turn out worse. I feel like a horrible mother for waiting to get her checked out for the wheezing, but she didn't have a fever with it, she was sleeping and eating and acting normal, I figured it wasn't anything too important and would just get it looked at when we had her well child visit. I guess I was wrong. I just cannot thank my mom enough for how much she has helped me during this deployment! She is an amazing woman!
I only have 23 days of school left!!!! Let me tell you how excited that makes me!!!! I am nervous by all of the kids in my course recovery class that aren't finished, but it's their own faults. I had one kids get put into my class, then three days later he was done with the program and passed with an 80%! So I know it can be done. The others just don't put any effort into it. It's frustrating to see some bright kids just put no effort in and expect to get moved onto the next grade. My 8th graders don't understand that they WILL NOT move you onto high school unless you have completed all of your classes with passing grades. I am just shocked by how LAZY these kids are. This has been the worst year for laziness and horrible behavior (our school has had 8 or 9 expulsions just this year). I hope next year is better.
I have decided to attend the next Yellow Ribbon event. The first two were a complete waste of time in my opinion. But I do feel that because I am an officers wife and I cannot be a big part of our FRG, the least I can do is attend the yellow ribbon events. I really hope I don't live to regret this.
Except for Sunday, I am thankful to be feeling back to my old self and getting things done. Once school is out, then I can start counting down to M's homecoming and being a whole family again! I sure cannot WAIT for that day!!!! It feels good to be back blogging!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about E's illnesses. :( It's so tough with babies (and toddlers!) because they just cannot communicate to us that something is wrong! And you are NOT a horrible mother! No temp and no real change in behavior wouldn't indicate anything to anyone, so there's no way you could have caught that. Glad your peds doc suggested the ER trip. And THANK GOD FOR MOTHERS! :D

    PS. Glad you're back!

  2. So glad to hear things are returning to normal. Close to the end of school! I hope E is still getting better and better. What is a yellow ribbon event? And welcome back!


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