Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Little L

Oh my goodness!!!!! I can hardly believe it, today is the day our Little L was born. You can read his birth story here. It was quite the day, let me tell you.

You have grown into quite the little man.You are no longer a baby and no longer a toddler. You love your trains, trucks and cars. You can be found playing with one or all three of these at one time. You love to "fix" things and can be found "fixing" your Jeep or bike. Your speech has finally blossomed and I can understand you more and more every day. Even though you love to have people repeat everything you say, I still love being able to talk to you. You are your father's son. You have so many of his personality traits. It's amazing to watch nature vs. nurture at work. I know once daddy comes home, you will once again be his little shadow.
You are still small for your age, you have finally grown into some 3T clothes (even though some 2T clothes still fit) and you remain very thin. I'm not quite sure where that gene came from.
You are one amazing little boy. Even though you were a surprise, I wouldn't change anything for the world. I love you so much booger and have loved these last three years more than I could ever have imagined. I never knew the depth of love I could have until I met you. You will always be our Baby Cakes and mommy and daddy love you so very much!!!! I hope you have an amazing day booger!!!!


Our little family of three

Daddy and Little L
He isn't a baby anymore :(

Today we had a party for Little L, just something small. Mostly it was M's family that showed up, because they are the ones who live down here. I do wish more of my family could come to these things, but oh well. I decided to only do cake and ice cream, I didn't want to have to cook for everyone and this seemed the easiest for me.
This morning we woke up and played. I was trying to tell Little L all about his birthday, I still don't think he fully understands. All he knows is that everyone is paying attention to him, he gets cake and he gets presents. :) We had to drop off our LAST care package at the post office this morning. Yup that's right, I sent the last one out this morning. I'll post about it once the husband gets it. I'm pretty proud of it. :) Anywhoo, afterwards my mom offered to watch the kiddos while I ran some errands and got the house cleaned. Little L was all for this 'cause he knew Gra would take him swimming. He is a little fish, let me tell you. That boy would stay in the pool all day if you let him. I meanwhile went to the grocery store, got what we needed for this week and picked up his cake. It is sooo cute!
After the grocery store I came home and cleaned the house. It seemed to take forever and I know if the kids had been here, it would have taken me that much longer. Finally that was done, I had wrapped Little L's present from daddy and I and was ready to pick them up. Baby E had only slept about a half hour this morning and was still up and raring to go. Little L on the other hand was passed out cold on the bed. He took at least a 3 hour nap. Swimming sure tires him out. My biffle and her daughter came early to eat dinner with us and hang out. It was nice having her here early. I was really nervous about having my in-laws over. We haven't seen them since M was home on R&R. Thankfully everyone showed up pretty much at the same time. I watched my nephews walk in carrying two large balls and I thought to myself "you have got to be kidding me". Yup she brought two large balls into the house for the kids to play with. Gee thanks. They quickly found seats and planted themselves there. They barely spoke to anyone and pretty much sulked in the corner. Normally my MIL is on the floor playing with Little L and being loud. She basically said about 10 words to me. My FIL I don't think said anything. It was awkward to say the least. Thankfully the rest of M's family isn't being so stupid and weird and I get along great with them. Little L opened all of his presents. I wasn't too happy with the purchases my in-laws made, but that can be fixed while the little one sleeps. :) Otherwise he got a lot of clothes (which is what I had asked for seeing as he has TONs of toys) a few puzzles, and we bought him a Leappad. I am so glad I opened the thing up and put it all together before everyone showed up. It would not have been fun making him wait. He didn't play with it much tonight, but I don't blame him, there was a ton going on. After presents we sand Happy Birthday and had our cake and ice cream.  
opening presents
singing Happy Birthday

I think Little L had a great birthday today. My in-laws were weird but everyone else seemed to have a good time. I'm glad everyone who was around could make it. I only wish M could have been there. I know he hates missing these things and I hope one day he can be around for Little L's birthdays more often. I still cannot believe our little guy is 3!!!! Wow! I feel old now! But all in all it was a good day :)

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  1. In laws.. they are so ridiculous I swear.a

    Happy late birthday to little L though!! :)


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