Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to make a bad day better

Taking a day off as a teacher is such a pain in the butt. Not only did I leave detailed lesson plans, I even labeled everything so there would be no confusion on what was for 6th grade and what was for 7th grade. There was no way anyone could screw it up.....haha....jokes on me. My substitute screwed it up. She gave the lesson two packets before giving the lesson 2 notes. How did she expect the kids to complete the packet without the notes??? Not sure. Anywho, it was a long, long day!
But what made my day was when I walked into the babysitters house and both Baby E and Little L were super excited to see me!!!! I got big smiles from both of them. It made my icky day better!

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  1. Our little ones always make things better, don't they?

    When I was a teacher, I always dreaded taking a day off. It was so much more work than doing it myself! Lol!

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    Enjoy your weekend!


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