Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 months (a day late)

Where has the time gone? Our baby E is 5 months old as of yesterday.

Playing in her jumperoo
At her 4 month well child visit she weighed 18.5lbs. She is in the 90th percentile for height, weight and head. She's a very healthy girl......well I guess I cannot say very healthy. I'll explain. Remember how I said on Sunday Baby E was coughing a lot, a very dry cough? Well, after she threw up on me twice, she was better. No coughing at all, until it was close to bed time. I fed her and she went to bed, no coughing all night. Fastforward to Monday morning. She wakes up and starts coughing again. Throws up on I call my mom. I ask her if she can help me. After being on maternity leave I am out of days off, my paycheck is already smaller than normal and every day I take off I lose money. So, I try to take as few days off as I can. I figured we would get her in to the doctor and they would give her some cough medicine and we would move on. Guess what? I was wrong. When my mom got there, they took her and Baby E right back, they took her vitals and her oxygen was really low. They told my mom she needed to go to the hospital right away. (Now what I found out later is the oxygen reading they did in the office was probably off. Baby E is never still and the doctor believes they didn't get an accurate reading because of it.) Anyways. My mom calls to tell me they are taking her to the hosptial. Cue the waterworks. I'm sitting in class, trying to teach and trying to keep my composure. Not happening. I call the office and tell them I need a few days off and start preparing lesson plans for the next couple of days.
At lunch time I go pick Little L up from daycare, pick up lunch for my mom and I and head up to the hospital....all the while feeling like a horrible mother.
Me and our happy wheezer
I get there and the attending doctor came in to explain what was going on. They did an x-ray to rule out pneumonia, ruled out RSV, gave her breathing treatments every two hours, saw she had a double ear infection and thrush. Our poor baby!!!! You would never believe she was sick though, she was all smiles and giggles the whole time. They called her a happy wheezer. :) Needless to say they wanted to keep her over night and make sure her oxygen level didn't go down.
The whole time I was there that afternoon I was warring with myself on whether or not to call M about this. I sent him an email, I knew he had a cell phone to call him in an emergency, but the reason I didn't was because I was so afraid that he would be out on mission, see he missed a call and think something horrible happened. While it was not good she was in the hospital, she was doing good, she never needed oxygen and she was eating good and overall happy. I didn't want him distracted while on mission when he wouldn't be able to call back and have something horrible happen to him. I couldn't live with myself if he got hurt becuase he was distracted by me. Now granted I now know I made the wrong decision, but at the time I was trying to protect everyone. I will never make that mistake again, and I hope I never have a reason to wonder if I should call him again. This was definitaly not my wife of the year moment.
The next day they are checking her and happy with the way she has responded to everything....but she still has a little wheeze thing going on. I got asked over and over and over if Little L had given her something and she put it in her mouth, I told them over and over again it wouldn't be possible because I don't leave them alone together. The only way that would happen is if it happened at daycare. And I would hope the babysitter would have said something to me. So the doctor ordered an upper GI, which REALLY pissed Baby E off. She was starving, they made us wait and then fed her the barium. She was NOT happy. We got that done and everything turned out all clear. She has nothing stuck in her lungs, no masses, nothing. The doctor is really confused as to why she is still wheezing. Thus we are going to see a specialist next week. In the mean time Baby E hates me twice a day.....she hates me due to the medicine I have to give her. She's on 6 different meds which most have to be given twice a day. Thank goodness. I don't think I could do it more than twice a day.
Can't tell she's sick can ya?
I so wish M could have been here for this. I really needed him with us the past few days. Granted I need him with us all of the time, but during these times....I need him that much more.  He is amazing in these kinds of situations. So calm and collected. He is great at calming me down too.
Even though I couldn't have my amazing husband with me, I had the next best mom. I swear she is amazing. She took Baby E to the doctor and hospital. Then she took Little L home to pick up some things for me to stay overnight. She kept Little L overnight while I was at the hospital. She brought me food and stayed with me to give me breaks. She stayed with me last night when we got home to help with the overnight breathing treatments. (Thank goodness the doctor cut those out today, so I won't have to get up in the middle of the night for that). But it will be interesting tomorrow on how I'm going to get ready, get Little L ready, get Baby E her meds and get her ready. Thankfully my mom will be my extra pair of hands tomorrow.
I wish my in-laws weren't being stupid still and could help out, but they don't want to respect how M and I want to raise our kids, so we will only be visiting with them until they can accept and respect how we want to raise our kids. I have a story about all of this, which I will share another day.
We are all back home, sleeping schedules getting back on track and life moving on.
We have Little L's 3rd birthday next weekend, then our wedding anniversary two weeks after that. I can't wait until I can actually spend our wedding anniversary with my husband.
This has been quite the week so far. Hopefully the rest of the week will be quiet. I could use some normallcy and quiet right about now. :)
12 days of school left!!!! (not that anyone is counting) :)


  1. What the heck girl!!! You were texting me earlier, and I had no freaking idea any of this was going on!!! Ah, I'm hoping they figure out what has her wheezing.. that is crazy. :/ I'm keeping y'all in my thoughts none the less!! And hallelujah for mothers!

  2. sweet babies :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading yours!


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