Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Success

 I'm linking up with Wife of a Sailor again for Thursday Thoughts.

This weeks word is Success.

Success means so many different things to so many different people. To some people it means the job you have, how much money you make or how much money is in the bank. To me, success means how my life is. How I treat people, those around me and those I come into contact with. Success is how my children are raised and how they will grow up to be productive members of society. Success to me means how happy my husband and children are and that I am doing everything in my power to give those in my life the best possible life I can. Success to me means working as hard as I can to achieve those things in life. To not just wait for someone to hand me something, but to work, learn and strive to be a better person.

Just because that is my definition of success doesn't mean the other definitions are incorrect. Success needs to be different for each person. You have to find what motivates you, what YOU want out of life and to go for it. If money in the bank is what drives you, good for you. But work hard to get what you want. I cannot stand those who wait for things to drop in their lap then complain when things aren't how they imagined it.

Find what motivates you, make your own definition for what success is and strive for it. We can all reach our own levels of success, but it takes hard work and determination.

These are my measures of success:

What does success mean to you?


  1. I love this! :) I definitely call that success!

  2. Love that last picture of you two! And also love your definition of success. :)


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