Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mom Fail

It all started when I decided my car needed to be cleaned out this weekend. It was about time. Pretty girl decided to come outside and "help" me (basically she just played in the car, while I cleaned). It was all fine and dandy, I got the car seats out, the entire car vacuumed, I was then working on getting some of the spots and stains off the back seat......when Pretty Girl start yelling "mommy! Mommy! Look!!" I look up and see her cloth dolly has green sharpie marker all over it! I was like "pretty girl!!!! we don't draw on our dollies!" That's when I moved around to where she was and found this.....

Yup.....that is green sharpie marker all over her belly. Doesn't she look proud of herself?? I couldn't believe it! I leave that marker in my car in case I forget to put one of the kids names on something that has to go into preschool. I never thought she would find it, and start drawing on her dolly and her belly.
Oh geeze!
My mom reminded me that at least it wasn't the wallpaper (I guess I did that with a regular pen when I was a kid, like literally the day after the interior decorator put it on our walls. I of course do not remember this incident). Thankfully it is slowly starting to come off.
Let's hope she learned her lesson. :)


  1. She is too adorable! She's so proud of herself in that picture haha

  2. Oh goodness, she is so happy with herself. :)

  3. Lol she's so proud. My little man was coloring a spot behind a door in his bedroom for days before he decided to show me his "masterpiece" Oh man, I was scrubbing for AGES

  4. Haha I love how proud she is of herself! Momma learned too I guess!


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