Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Potty Milestone

**Disclaimer, if you don't like reading about poop, I would recommend you not read the rest of this post.....thanks!**

Oh Potty training. If you have ever tried it, it can sure be a pain in the a$$! During M's deployment he kept bugging me about potty training Little L. I kept telling him we were waiting until school was out because 1. I was too busy with work and everything else to even THINK about it 2. everything I had read said you needed at least a week to stay at home ALL. DAY.LONG! and 3. Little L could care less about using the potty.

Summer finally came and I decided I would buy a truck potty, one that would make cool truck noises when he was successful. I read the Potty Training Boot Camp book and thought "this can't be too hard". Oh lord was I wrong!!!! We had a three year old, not happy with me, making messes and I was getting stressed out. Needless to say we were successful for the most part with peeing. He could do really well with that. Pooping on the other hand.....oh lord.

M came home and he vowed to FULLY potty train Little L (insert chuckle here). As you know, a boy takes generally a LOT longer to potty train than a girl, not to mention training for pee is easier than pooping. M thought it couldn't be THAT hard....haha...I was right and he was wrong. :) (I doubt he would admit it though) We tried bribing him, taking away toys, making it fun, showing him that his older friends were doing it too.....nothing worked. It got to the point he would go an hide to poop in his pants/diaper. Ugh!!!!!

Fast forward to Christmas....we are still having issues with him pooping, he was starting to do it better on the potty, but you had to catch him getting ready to go and rush him to the bathroom. That's a workout, let me tell you. For Christmas my mom bought Little L a Mack Truck that she thought would fit is normal size Cars cars.....nope. It was designed for the little cars, which we didn't have any of. So, we told Little L if he went poopy he would get a little car to put in there. I am proud to say that over the two week holiday break, Little L wore underwear every.single.day (except at nap and bedtime) and had only one accident. We have finally made it to the point where he is telling us he has to go to the bathroom, running in there on his own and doing his thing!!!!! I couldn't be more proud of him!!! He just beams when he gets done too, and tells me what a big boy he is. :) We also had another success this past Friday when he went to preschool, he was successful there too!!!! Let's hope today is another great day (he stayed home with daddy yesterday)

I have no idea what clicked with him. Lots of the information I read online talks about it taking from 3.5 to 4 years old generally for boys to become fully potty trained. I believe that Little L wasn't ready and he wasn't willing to stop playing long enough to go to the bathroom. Thankfully he got over that and is doing great!

M has his first drill back this weekend and of course it's a long one. I am hoping is absence doesn't affect Little L negatively and we don't have a set back with potty training.

I am one happy mama, let me tell you!

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