Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 year in review (Jan, Feb, March)

I really liked Monica's idea to recap last year in posts (so I am somewhat stealing her idea). Although I think I am going to lump some months together. Especially because there are some months that aren't that exciting :) I will also be re-posting some pics from those months. So without further is January, February and March of 2012.


January brought the much anticipated R&R. I cannot tell you how much I love and hated R&R. You can read about it here. Baby E was also a month old and was such a great little baby. I was still on my maternity leave and trying to learn how to balance two children under the age of 3. My mom was staying with me when M wasn't home and I will be forever grateful for her help during this time. She was the one to take the 5 am feeding. I don't mind doing the midnight and 3am one, but the 5am one was just too much for me. Sad I know. But I needed some sleep. Baby E also slept through the entire night in January, thanks to her daddy. :)

Sleepy baby

My handsome boy


February brought the end to R&R :( and me going back to work. Let's just say I was happy to go back to work and to get out of the house. I needed something to keep me occupied and busy and I wasn't finding it staying at home all day. But with that I faced new challenges of balancing both kids and me. Let's just say there were many nights I went to bed directly after the kids did.
I was able to have a dinner date with my Army Wife friend and of course book club. I am so thankful for those dates and nights out. Those were for me and only me. It gave me a chance to unwind and just relax.
I spent Valentine's Day alone, but to be honest it was never a holiday I paid much attention to. But it still stinks not having your husband home. I did send him a Valentine's care package and thought I was pretty creative.
I spent as much time as I could with my mom (even though it was tax season for her and her availability shrunk) and of course my biffle.
We had pictures done of Baby E and this had to be one of my favorites.

With March came Spring Break for me. I was lucky enough to have my dad come visit me for the week. One to see the kids and two so I didn't have to be alone for the week. It was nice having him here. We started off the week with Little L having a procedure to fix a hernia. It wasn't a big deal and he pulled through it like a champ. It sure was nice having my daddy visit.
My mom also started heating her pool so the Little L could go swimming. Let's just say he was one happy kid. Little L LOVES to swim. He's just as happy to sit on the steps of the pool and play as he is to actually swim. He's a little fish.
Kay mom! It's time to go swimming

Favorite Aunt came to visit and go swimming

Throughout the three months, we had our ups and downs. We welcomed home our soldier for R&R (which is quite a tease if you ask me) and watched him leave again. The kids and I found our routine and worked our way through each and every day. Some days were good, some days were not, but we made it through. We were still counting down the days until we could have our soldier home for good.

Check back later for the next update on April, May and June. :)

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  1. I love this! Such a fun way to chronicle your year.

  2. Those were some packed months. You were so fortunate to get to have your family come help when hubs wasn't home! And I think that's how all wives feel... R&R is such a tease!!!


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