Saturday, January 5, 2013


My computer bit the dust before Christmas. I left a small amount of coke in a bottle on the table next to my chair. My computer was propped up against the leg of the table. Lovely Little E (a.k.a. baby E, can't really call her a baby anymore) picked up the bottle and spilled the coke down my computer. At first I thought it wasn't very much coke that spilled, I think I was wrong. I tried to clean it and so did M. M took the entire computer apart and it would not turn on. I was panicked! I loved that little computer (I bought it two years ago on black Friday) and had all of our recent pictures on it. Ugh! Thankfully my uncle in law is a computer genius and is able to fix almost anything. We took it to him. The end result is that the computer is dead, BUT they were able to save my hard drive and he has the equipment to transfer the information from one hard drive to another. I just finished transferring all of my documents, PICTURES and adobe photoshop! I am so very excited!!!!! Whew! That was a close one. Now I'm off to go back up my pictures onto our external hard drive.
Happy Saturday y'all!!!!


  1. Whoo glad you got your photos and other important stuff off of your old computer! It stresses me out to have the possibility for BABY PICTURES to be erased! Who cares if I have 6 billion photos of my child eating sweet potatoes, dammit I want them ALL! ;)

  2. Gah so scary!!!!! I would have freaked out. I feel like my whole life is on my computer!

  3. so happy to find another milspouse blog :) I'm so glad they were able to save your harddrive!

  4. I am so glad that they were able to save the harddrive. I panicked when my computer died last year.


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