Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap...Finally

Now that I have my pictures back and a computer to work on, here is our Christmas 2012 recap. Christmas eve we used to go to M's parents house, seeing as we are no longer talking to them we stayed home. We played with the kids and got them all ready for Santa to come. Little L and I got the plate of cookies and glass of milk ready, hung the stockings and we let him open one gift.

In his first gift, his Batman pajamas. He LOVED them!

Stockings are ready to go

Our tree before Santa came
We finally convinced Little L to go to bed. After waiting to make sure he was asleep, we were finally able to play Santa. It was a lot of fun! :) M also put together Little L's new Cars Bike and his John Deer Tractor. We were up pretty late doing this, but it was nice getting these two big things put together before morning.

Christmas tree after Santa's visit
 Finally we were able to go to sleep. My mom and grandma were coming over at 8:30am. It was tradition in our family that my grandma came over to open presents with us on Christmas day. We decided to continue that tradition and have my mom and grandma over to watch our kids open presents. It sure was nice having them come over.
We woke the kids up (which is strange to wake the kids up, usually they wake us up) and Little L was super excited to see all of the presents under the tree. Watching his eyes light up and go "oh wow!" was awesome!
Little L did great opening his presents. He really enjoyed everything he received (not such a big fan of the clothes though). He was such a big helper handing out gifts to everyone. Little E (a.k.a. baby E) didn't really care two hoots about opening presents, but she sure wanted to play with all of Little L's toys. He wasn't too fond of that.
M got me a Keurig for making hot chocolate. :) I used to own the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion, but it died. I was very sad. I don't enjoy drinking coffee or really tea for that matter, but I LOVE hot chocolate. I have been using it just about every day since we got it. :) I just love it!

The cocomotion I used to have
My new Keurig

All in all, it was a great morning. After all of the presents were opened, we let Little L go outside and ride his new tractor around. He LOVED it!

Grandma and Little E Christmas morning

Little L riding his new tractor around the yard

Little E sitting on her kitty piano

Little E in her new princess chair

Later that day we went to our family friend's house to visit and see some of M's family. His parents showed up, they brought presents for the kids. I was impressed with them this year. Normally M's mom would rather spend $20 at the dollar store so that she can give Little L a ton of presents that are cheap instead of just buying one nice gift that will last. I don't care how much someone spends on our kids, my only request is that if you are going to buy something, I would rather she buy one present that is a good one, or educational one instead of 10 that are going to break. I'm sorry if that makes me sound snotty, but I am tired of watching Little L being disappointed that his toys from Nana and Poppop are breaking.
Back to the day. We stayed at our family friends for about an hour and were able to visit with quite a bit of his family. After that we left to go to my mom's house for dinner. We had a nice dinner and the kids enjoyed playing with their new toys at her house.
All in all it was a really nice day. It was great having our soldier home and able to spend the day as a family.
I'm glad we are continuing some old traditions from my family and making some new traditions as a family. It really was a blessed day!


  1. So glad you had a nice Christmas. I don't think your request makes you sound snotty at all. It makes complete sense.

  2. I love the princess chair!! I've been wanting to get a chair for Betsy, too :)


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