Thursday, July 26, 2012

In need of a Photographer

Ugh! So, the last major thing I have to check off my to-do list is to find a photographer. This one seems to be the hardest. It's hard to tell people that you would like to hire them, but you're not sure what day or time and it could change and probably will. Photographers aren't too keen on that. I found the website OpLove which offers free photo sessions for those families of deployed soldiers. I thought "Hey! What a great idea! This shouldn't be too hard, they should understand." Haha! I was VERY wrong. The few that actually have responded aren't available, some even told me they don't actually do homecomings. I understand it's annoying dealing with their unpredictability, but that information should be included on the OpLove website. I'm also a big fan of people actually following through on the charities they say they are a part of. Don't just say you do something and not actually do it, if you feel passionately about it, then do it!

I did find one photographer I REALLY wanted to use, but she is going out of town during the time frame I was given for my husband to return. I've even enlisted the help of the Regional Coordinator for South Florida. She has been AMAZING to help me out as much as she can, especially seeing as she cannot actually take the pictures. She lives too far from where my husband will be coming in. :(
I never thought it would be this hard to find a photographer. You would think people would want to do something like this. Homecomings are amazing events! I'm even willing to pay!

So, I know most of you don't actually live in Florida, but if you happen to know anyone who takes good pictures and they will be in the Orlando area within the next two weeks and would like to take pictures, please let me know. I'm willing to pay for gas or babysitter or pictures. :) This is something I REALLY want and the last major thing I have to finalize before he comes home. (note for next time: start looking for photographer a LOT earlier than a week or two before arrival)
Eeeekkkk! I cannot believe we are finally at this stage!!!!


  1. That is really frustrating! I have always been lucky enough to know photographers but scheduling always seems to be difficult, and it doesn't help that the military isn't always super reliable!

  2. We actually live on base where there are tons of wives that have their own businesses and it was still impossible to find one. I actually got canceled on TWICE after booking.
    And yes, that's extremely sad that those people aren't more willing to help you out but are apart of that organization...
    I hope you can find someone!!

  3. I was very disappointed in OpLove until one photographer in Iowa got back to me. Sorry you still haven't found anyone. If we were there I'd take pics again.


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