Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yummy dinner

I am by no means a great cook, or even enjoy cooking for that matter. But I decided while my husband was away I would learn to cook and start eating at home more. I decided this first because I need to lose this baby weight and second because I want my children, my husband and I to eat better. So recently I have started working out with my neighbor down the road two days a week and I have been eating at home 95% of the time. I am pretty proud of myself. I have also cut the junk food from our home, that way I'm not tempted to eat it when I'm stressed out.
Anyways the reason for this post was to share a dinner that I made recently because I am so darn proud of myself. :)
It's really easy. I started off marinating chicken in Italian dressing over night, then grilling it. I then took two bell peppers and cut them up.
Don't they look pretty? You could add whatever veggies you want, but I like these in my stir frys. :)
Next I cut up the chicken
Then put the bell peppers in the wok and cooked for a min or two, I like mine crunchy.
I cooked the noodles in a separate pan. I use bow tie pasta with this one, it makes it really easy to eat, but I'm sure you could use any type that appealed to you.
Then I added the chicken for about a min
Once those were together I added the Philadelphia Cooking Sauce that I found in the grocery store. I used the Savory garlic, they have four different flavors and they can be found where the cream cheese is located.
I stirred this around for about a min or two until everything was coated, added the noddles and stirred to coat.
Finished product

Now let me remind you I am no chef by any means, but this meal was super easy to make. I think it took all of 20 min to throw together. This is my kind of meal, few ingredients, fast and easy. I hope you enjoy if you try it. :)


  1. I LOVE that cooking creme! I will do the same thing, but the lazier version. lol I will buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies, imitation crab meat, the garlic cooking creme, and pour all of that over noodles. I've got everything to make the same recipe, but with chicken and the tomato and basil cooking creme. I'm glad you've found a recipe like this that you love!

    1. I know! Isn't it the best?!?! I am so glad I saw the commerical for it. :) It sure makes cooking easy for me. Hopefully the hubby will like it when he gets home.

  2. This sounds sooo good! I didn't even no about "cooking sauce". I'm definitely going to be trying this!


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