Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming and family fun

We had a good day today. My Aunt P came down from Georgia for a visit this weekend and my mom turned the heat on in her pool, so we decided to take Little L swimming. He learned how to swim last summer and it was great to see he didn't forget. He was soooooo happy, he's been asking to go swimming ALL. WINTER. LONG. We went swimming, then had a great lunch outside, then swam some more. Needless to say, Little L is one tired little boy. He's happily sleeping right now. Baby E is laying on the floor next to me cooing away. She's a very happy baby. My Aunt P really enjoyed being able to play with Little L and Baby E this weekend. Little L wasted no time in getting my Aunt P to build blocks with him and play outside. I just wish my husband had been here to enjoy today with us, but he will be getting lots of videos and pictures.

"I'm ready mom, can we PLEASE go now?!?"

Cool dude swimming

Happy baby laying next to me
I hope you all had a great Sunday as well!!!!!


  1. How fun! :) Love all those pictures too!

    1. It was a ton of fun! Of course lots of pics, I have to send some to the hubby. :) Plus my little one is such a cheese ball these days he loves getting his picture taken. :)


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