Monday, March 5, 2012

Military Monday Blog Hop

Hello to new readers or followers from Military Monday, here is a little bit of information about me:
My name is Kathryn, I am married to a Officer in the Army Reserves, he is my best friend. Currently he is in the sand box, we are going through our 1st deployment.
I gave birth to our daughter in December, we also have a son who is 2 1/2 years old.

I am a middle school Social Studies teacher. I am back to work now after my too short maternity leave.

I love making new friends

So leave some comments so I can come follow you back
Other news. I watched the season opener of Army Wives last night. I was pretty excited to watch it and even more excited that my kids were cooperative and were in bed by the time it started. :) Yea! I thought the show was pretty good. I was wondering how they were going to keep the show going if everyone was moving away. Now I know. I've loved this show since it started, and that was before I even met my husband and became an Army Wife. What did you all think of the show?

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  1. I need to watch Army Wives...but with DH deployed idk if that is a good idea! I've never watched it so I would have to start from the very beginning.

    I tagged you in The Sunshine Award :D


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