Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girls Night Out

I made the decision the other day to join my friend S out for her bachelorette party last night. It was the first time I had been out to the bar with the girls in over a year. So, the husband and I decided it would probably be a good way to unwind and have some fun. I did have fun, until we left the first bar. I was a little nervous riding in the limo with everyone because S likes to stay out until the bars close and I'm more likely to want to leave around 11. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. :) But I went in the limo, which was fun, we had jello shots and champagne on the way there. We arrived at the first bar called Joyland and let me tell you it was super fun! I had never been there before, it's a large country bar. The live band was REALLY good and it was a great place to people watch. It sure had an eclectic group of people there. There were the country people, the people who thought they were country and weren't, and then there were a few dressed for a more "clubbing" bar, one girl I swear if she moved wrong her boobs were going to pop out of her tiny black dress. Anyways. It was a lot of fun.

The Glenallen Girls before heading out (Don't mind how horrible I look)

S and some of the girls on stage with the band

The girls at Joyland

Then the girls decided they wanted to go to the Key (Siesta Key)'s a little back story of the Key. When I first moved down here I met S where I worked. We were both new teachers and just bonded quite quickly. We went out almost every weekend. Most Saturday nights were spent at the Beach Club, it's a great place to go dancing. Once 11:30 hits the stupid people come out, the bar gets crowded and it just loses its fun. So, I've spent a lot of time there, and had a lot of fun nights there, but it just doesn't hold the same appeal anymore. I enjoy the more quiet, less crowded bars (not that I ever go out). Boy this sure makes me feel old. Hehe! So, when they said they wanted to go to the Beach Club I was a little apprehensive, but I went for her. Needless to say we waited in line, paid our cover charge and made our way into a super crowded club. We danced for about a half hour when something snapped in S and she wanted to leave. Really?!?! I just paid $5 for a half hour, gee thanks. So we go across the street to the less crowded bar and she proceeds to lock herself in the bathroom, crying. Can you see where this is going? When she comes out all she will tell us is she's tired of selfish people, and she's so over it. Over what I'm not sure. I really think she was expecting this amazing night and I don't think it lived up to her standards, not because everyone wasn't making a HUGE effort for her, but because I think she had unrealistic expectations. We are older now, some of us are married, some have kids and we have all moved on from the drunken nights at the bar. She is also used to going out to the bars and getting all of this male attention, she got none last night. Now what guy in his right mind is going to come up to a group of 10 girls and start talking to one of them, especially a bachelorette who is obviously getting married? By the end of the night she was a drunken hot mess, who ended up throwing up in the limo. All I kept thinking at the end of the night was, 7am and a hungry baby are going to come REALLY early. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, until about 11:30, then it just became a hot mess.
I am also really worried about her. I am afraid she might be making a mistake. Trying to tell her this, she of course won't listen. She is getting married in May. She has never lived with him, or spent more than 10 days at a time with him. He lives 4 hours away. I know long distance relationships can work, but I'm afraid she doesn't know the real him. She is quitting her job, picking up her life and moving away. Not because they came to the joint decision for her to move there, it was more he said she moved or they were done. Now to me, I would be concerned if my future husband wasn't willing to talk about a situation that was really important to both people. This decision may come back to bite him in the butt. She hasn't even started looking for a job yet. Teaching jobs used to be easy to find, but today, they aren't so much and there is a lot of competition for each job. She also likes being the center of attention and I don't know what's going to happen to her when she moves to a town where she knows no one. Also, I have seen him a handful of times, two of those times were at weddings where he was a drunken idiot. The first time my husband met him was at our wedding, he showed up drunk then proceed to keep drinking. He kept coming up to her at the head table while we were eating and rubbing her shoulders, getting her drinks she didn't ask for and just being an idiot. Not a great first impression. The second wedding was for a mutual friend, the groom was one of his good friends and of course he was drunk, touching other girls and just being an annoying idiot. S wasn't at that wedding because her friend was getting married the same day and she was in the wedding party. I pray for her sake everything works out and that she is happy and she proves me wrong, but I am just worried about her.
I will tell you, I am no longer young. Last night kicked my butt and I am paying for it today. And I didn't even drink that much. Geeze! I will tell you I am going to lose this baby weight, buy myself a pair of cute jean shorts and I'm going to make my lovely husband take me to Joyland when he gets home. If you're ever in the Sarasota area, you must check it out, it's super fun!!!! Thankfully the whole night wasn't a bust. :)


  1. Oh goodness, I hate when those supposed to be good nights turn sloppy. It's frustrating! But props for you for sticking it out! :)

    1. I know! I thought we were past all of that, but I guess not. Ah well, it wasn't all bad thankfully! Thanks! I tried to stay positive. :)


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