Monday, January 30, 2012

Thankful for some sleep

Baby E slept from 10pm-7am this morning! Let me tell you that if Little L hadn't woken up half way through the night, I would have gotten a good amount of sleep. I really needed that sleep seeing as I had to deal with Tricare and DEERS stuff today. Some idiot at McDill put in the husbands deployment dates for only 5 days, so once those 5 days passed we were kicked out of Tricare, and of course does Tricare contact you? Nope. Does your pediatrician contact you? Nope, or at least not until you've racked up a huge medical bill. So, thanks for letting me know. It's not like I can drive down the road to fix it. I have to travel all the way to Tampa (which is an hour and a half one way) with little kids. Not so much fun. So, I took Little L to daycare and took Baby E with me. I was told by a friend that if you take an infant with you to their office, they will get you in faster. Oh my goodness it's true! The guy behind me asked how long the wait was and he was told over an hour, I only sat waiting for about 10 min. Not bad if I do say so myself. :) So, our Tricare dilemma is taken care of. :) I'm pretty proud of myself, I had all of the paperwork I needed. It's not fun going to those places without your sponsor.

Seeing as I had to drive all the way up there by myself I treated myself to Jimmy Johns for lunch. We had one of those where I went to college and I LOVE their subs. The closest one to our house is at least a half hour away, but it happens to be on the way home from Tampa. Score! I am one happy mama.

Now I just need to get Baby E asleep again and then I can take a short nap before I have to pick Little L up from daycare. Let's see if the stars align for me :)


  1. Please tell me how you got your wee baby to sleep for so long.... I am SO SCARED of the no sleep period that is rapidly approaching us. Sam woke up at least every hour until he was four months old and that $h*t got old FAST. ;)

  2. OH my goodness! I'm sure it did. Lucas was a good sleeper as well and was sleeping through the night by 2 months old. With this one I just tire her out, making her kick her feet and putting her on her belly. This was all of course my husband's idea. He was the one who got her to sleep through the night the first time. :) Other than that I wish I had some secret I could tell you. :)

  3. Yeah going anywhere without the hubs is a hassle.. I will be facing getting dental insurance without him here and it's going to be a huge pain in the rear proving I do in fact have a POA and want to do this without him.. lol.

  4. You're a brave woman to take on Tricare alone. What a headache.

  5. @Amanda having the POA is a lifesaver!!! I'm just not used to having to have that to get things done.
    @Hannah Rae, yes it is a headache. I also had to spend 2 hours on the phone trying to find out what happened only to be told I had to go up to McDill, which really stunk. But I am proud I was able to get everything fixed on my ownn. :)


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