Sunday, January 8, 2012


I know some people don't get along well with their in-laws. I've been very lucky that I have gotten along well with my in-laws, that is until now. I wish they would just get their heads out of their butts and fix the situation with the husband.
The situation: my husband has made it very clear from the day that Little L was born that he did not want Little L to have a baby doll or anything girlie. We talked about this and came to the joint decision about this. Well, as it was getting closer to me giving birth to Baby E, my MIL decided it would be a good idea to get Little L a baby doll. She did not discuss this with the husband or myself before doing it, she just went out to the store and bought one. You would think before doing something like this you would ask the parents first. Well, needless to say the husband was not happy about this. When he brought it up to my MIL she just blew it off and said she was trying to help Little L adjust to the new baby. Now of course there are many other ways to help a toddler adjust to a new baby without using a baby doll. My husband was very upset about the whole situation, because his mother is known for doing something without asking the people it affects and the husband is very tired of dealing with it. Not to mention this is the LAST thing he should have to deal with on top of everything else he has to deal with over there. It might have been different if she would have pulled this while he was home to deal with it, but doing it while he has no control is not ok.
So, he decided not to call her as much as he had been. When he finally decided to call and talk to her she sent him an IM on skype saying "I'm off the bus now, what do you need?" Well, that just started a whole new fight. My MIL then tried to turn the responsibility of the fight onto the husband by saying all he cares about are his feelings and that I, his wife, will just do what ever he says. Basically saying I am a robot and have no brain of my own. That of course just further pissed the husband off, as well as me. We have a marriage where we talk about our decisions and how we want to raise our kids. At the end of the argument the husband said he was done dealing with her crap and she then turned off her skype. She has basically not been on skype since and hasn't tried to contact him at all. I think that part is the worst. I don't understand how she can not fix the situation! He's so upset about all of this that he doesn't want to see them over R&R and doesn't want me to use them so much for babysitting.
This has also caused things to be awkward between me and them. I know his parents want to ask questions about him and how he is doing, but they don't and he has asked that I not give them any information. I am still taking the kids over to see them, because they still are their grandparents, but it is not with the same frequency that I was before. I am just so annoyed with my in-laws for being so stupid and letting this situation get to this point. Ugh! Sorry for the long drawn out post :) I needed to get that off my chest.

On a good note. The husband finally got the orders for his promotion!!!!! He is finally a 1LT and finally got pinned!!!! I am so proud of him!!!!

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