Sunday, January 22, 2012

All night

Last night was amazing because Baby E slept through the night for the first time! I'm sure it was just a freak occurrence, but I'm hoping that this will soon become more regular. She fell asleep around 11 or 11:30 (I can't remember) and slept until 7am!!!! When I woke up and realized that she hadn't woken up, I started to freak out that I either didn't hear her or that something was wrong. I checked on her and everything was great, so I went back to bed until she woke up. Now she's been fed and has fallen back asleep :). I am one happy mama today.
Little L is doing good as well. His speech is improving every day and he is being such a great big brother. He doesn't act jealous at all. He's been a huge help to me too, getting me Baby E's blankets, bottles and what ever else I need him to get for me.
Well, I need to go get ready, my Biffle and her daughter are on their way over for a visit! I'm super excited! It sucks not seeing her every day at work, but I will be back there soon enough. Once I return we will be able to teach our 6th period classes together! That will be awesome!!!

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