Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome Home Sign Ideas

With R&R coming up, I was thinking of making a sign to have at the airport when the kids and I go to pick the husband up. I am having trouble coming up with something good to write on the sign instead of just Welcome Home. Does anyone have any ideas?
In other news Little L has been back at daycare for the past week and is in a much better mood every night. Baby E is sleeping for longer periods of time and awake for longer periods of time. Thankfully she is awake more during the day than at night. :) I haven't been able to take a nap during the day yet, but once I get caught up on all of the little projects I need to get done, then I will start napping. Thankfully pregnancy and having the husband deployed has taught me how to be productive on very little and mostly interrupted sleep.
The girls night last night was a lot of fun. I was able to see my biffle (BFF) from work, another co-worker, a really good friend who is a fellow army wife and a few other girls. It was good food and good laughs. It was much needed.

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