Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I just had to stop by and share some uber cute pics of my kids. Too bad Booger wasn't too up for the camera today, but Pretty girl was. :) Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!!!!
Ms. Angie did her hair at preschool the other day

Too cool for school....he said "cheese" AFTER I took the picture

She actually let me do her hair this morning!!!!!

Happy Wednesday y'all


  1. I love these, you are such a sweet momma.

  2. As always, love her sweet smile. :) And the expression your son has in the car is the EXACT SAME ONE I see on Sam when I ask him to do something like that. ("ummmm no." -turn around- "CHEESE!")

    Great pics of you three!!

  3. Oh her hair reminds me of my daughter's hair at that age, I love the fountain pony tail!! So cute!


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