Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Ah the weekend. Where you are supposed to spend time with family and relax. I did end up spending time with family, but I don't feel like I relaxed all that much. Thursday night we found out M would be leaving us shortly for a month long training. While it means extra money, it also means he will be away from us again. We should be used to it by now, and I think Booger is, but Pretty Girl had a hard time adjusting to M coming home the last time. She isn't used to him coming and going like Booger is. So, let's hope this will be an easy transition.

Friday we went over to M's parents house. If you have been a reader for while you know we haven't been on the greatest terms with them until recently. I'm not sure what changed, but we have been slowly letting them back into our lives. It seems to be going well so far, so I generally try to encourage M to spend time with his parents. Booger is always in heaven when we are there because he gets to play with my nephews, who Booger thinks are really cool. :) Pretty girl has finally started to warm up to them, which is nice.

Saturday we were supposed to get up and go to a train expo together (M LOVES trains as does Booger), but due to M having trouble sleeping the night before, he didn't get up in time for me to join them. Pretty girl decided to pick out her own outfit that day and it was super cute. I swear she has more fashion sense than I do. Not sure where she got it from. :)
The lace top is supposed to go with another outfit that was dirty at the time. But she is obsessed with this lace top

I had to leave at a certain time to go to a training. It was boring, but I'm thankful two of my good friends are taking the training with me, which makes it more bearable. After my training I ended back at my in-laws and spent the remained of the evening there.

Sunday was spend cleaning the house, doing some laundry (not all of it got done), spending some time with my mom and of course ending back at my in-laws later that night.

Pretty girl and one of my nephews "reading' together. She was copying everything he did, even down to the tilt of the head and the kicking of the feet. It was super cute.
I am hoping we will be staying home at least one night this week. I doubt I will be over there much once M is gone. I don't feel as comfortable there as I once did. We shall see. I am looking forward to some much needed time with my mom.

Over all it was a good weekend. I wish I had gotten more done around the house, but mending family ties I believe is more important than doing laundry.

Did you all have a great weekend?


  1. awe. I'm sorry to hear about him living for a little while. I hope the transition goes well.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you all are back on good terms with M's family. That is probably a huge relief. And goodness your kids are so so cute!

  3. I'm so glad you had good family time! That's the best. :)

  4. Ahh who needs clean clothes anyway? Glad you had some good family time this weekend. Y'all sounded busy!

  5. Our weekends aren't relaxing right now either! There is a slight chance that we could move in October, so we are spending every spare moment packing just in case. I hope that she doesn't have a hard time adjusting to him leaving!

  6. She's so cute in her hand picked outfit!


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