Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend recap

The kids and I had a pretty good weekend.

We have had quite a bit of rain lately. Which meant that our streets started to flood. In the three + years I have lived in this house, I have NEVER seen our streets flood. It was quite the sight!
L- the view from our house, top right, our road on my way to preschool, bottom r- one street, two down from us, flooded
We have more rain today, let's hope I don't go home to this again. I'm also praying our power is on. We lost it a few times at school today.

They both woke up pretty early, which isn't like them, but it allowed us to get a lot done this weekend. We spent time with my aunt on Friday who was down visiting. Saturday was spent at my mom's house swimming and having lunch, then we returned home and I worked on my Origami Owl business. (p.s. I already have TWO parties planned!!! I cannot wait for my business to start soaring!!! Let me know if you would like to host an online Jewelry Bar!)

Sunday, again the kids woke up pretty early, so we were off to my mom's to swim and spend time with her. My grandma came down to watch the kids and interacted with them. It was really sweet to see. She has been having lots of health issues lately, so seeing her actually talk to the kids was really nice. We ate some good food and just relaxed. Then it was home to mow the grass, wash the dog and kids and watch ANOTHER Harry Potter movie, complete with popcorn. Booger is obsessed with Harry Potter right now, not quite sure where the obsession comes from, but if he behaves throughout the day, then we watch a little bit of a movie before bed. Last night I decided to make popcorn to go with the movie. A perfect way to end a good weekend.

Top left- reading a story with great-grandma, top right- had to get this baby out again, bottom left- the kiddos and me at my mom's house, bottom right- pretty girl just after her swim. 
I hope you all had a great weekend too!!!!


  1. Wow that's about how it has been here with rain, so crazy!

  2. I can't believe all that rain! I hope your yard slopes just so, so that it doesn't come near your house! Glad you got to spend time with your grandmother. :)

  3. The kiss from daddy jar is so cute!


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