Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Letters 2/22

It's Friday again! I sure do love Fridays!

Let's see......

Dear students: You have surprised me and amazed me at how well you are adjusting to our new way of doing notes. I was afraid you wouldn't participate, but you ARE! I just have to remind you that we can't highlight EVERY sentence in the book, notes don't work that way. But for the record.....great job!!!!

Dear Course recovery kids: I swear you are all lazy. If I'm not watching you, you are busy finding songs to listen to and playing games. I don't think some of you realize you WILL NOT go onto the next grade if this work isn't complete, and news flash....we're half way through the 3rd quarter. Let's kick it into gear please. You all give me quite the headaches these days :(

Dear Jeff Dunham: I really am looking forward to seeing you live tonight with the hubby!!! Two date nights in one month??? Sure, don't mind if I do. :) I just hope you are as funny live as you are on Comedy Central. I'm also REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow :)

Dear husband: Ok we know what you need to work on, so please can we kick it into gear and get some of this crap done??? Please???
Also, you are AMAZING for staying home with booger all week while he's been sick. I know it's not easy being home all day with a sick kid, but it's been nice for it not to be me. You are amazing!

Dear booger: I love you do death, but you have to stop getting a fever for like 3-4 days every winter. It's not fun. I sure hope you feel better soon!

Dear Pretty girl: Oh my goodness! You make me laugh and scream all within like 2 seconds. Please, please please stop torturing the cat. He won't bite you, but you have to start being nicer to him. K? Thanks! Also, I can't believe you are starting to talk!!!!! Our house will never be quiet again. You are saying "ba ba", "thank you" and "bye". You love all animals and growl or screech at any one you see, whether it's real or in a picture. It's pretty cute. You're pretty darn cute!

Her new hair cut from daddy. I think he did an amazing job!!!!

Well, there ya have it. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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  1. Yay for seeing Jeff Dunham, he is so great live. :)


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