Monday, February 4, 2013

BEST Super Bowl commercial EVER, not best game ever

If you are friends with me on facebook, then you saw me comment and post on this. OMG!!!! Did you all see this commercial??? I literally cried through most of the whole thing. Whoever designed this commercial had someone they loved overseas. It hit on EVERY.SINGLE.EMOTION that comes with having your spouse or loved one deployed and the sheer joy it is to welcome them home. I applaud whomever designed this commercial and LOVE it. Although I can't re-watch it without crying, so watching will be limited. But I did love it.

Other than this one and the Budweiser commercial, I was pretty disappointed this year. The commercials were not funny. I wish they would go back to the ones they had in the 90s. Does anyone remember the Budweiser frogs? Best one ever as well.

The half time show left a lot to be desired. I was unimpressed with her and expected more from her. Lizzie was not impressed either seeing as she fell asleep during the performance.

Doesn't she look so sweet while sleeping? Can't tell that she was SCREAMING her head off for like a half hour before this can ya? Let's pray it's not ANOTHER ear infection and it's only teeth coming in. Our poor baby, anytime she gets a runny nose, she gets an ear infection. I'm afraid she is following in my footsteps when it comes to ear infections. Both kids never show normal symptoms of ear infections, so it's usually me going by my gut instincts as to when to take her in. Sometimes I'm wrong and feel like an idiot at the doc's office, but 9 times out of 10 I am right.

Anyways. I'm not a huge football fan, and neither is M so we don't watch it very often. In the past I generally only watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. This year, because we were at someone else's house, I watched the game. Now I remember why I use to mute the game and watch the commercials. Booorrriiinnnggg. (sorry to those that like watching football)
Anywhooooo it's Monday again and it's back to the grind and back to work. :(
Have a great Monday everyone!!!!


  1. Oh that commercial had me crying, like ugly crying.

  2. I was super disappointed with the commercials too. Nothing special, in my opinion.

  3. I didn't watch, but was totally clued in to watch the Jeep commercial and things got ugly over here. I like watching football, but only college ball. I can't get behind a bunch of grown men playing a game and complaining about the obscene amount of money they make while people risking their lives don't make a fraction of that. It kinda sickens me. But it is what it is, I guess! Who did the halftime show? (I think the last time I watched a halftime show was when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. LOL)

  4. I loved that commercial, too! Tears were definitely shed. I hope baby girl feels better soon!

  5. Definitely hope that it's not an ear infection! Poor thing and poor you!


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