Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Day weekend

This past weekend was a 3 day weekend for us. It was nice to have an extra day home with the hubby and kids. We didn't do much, which was kind of nice. We were supposed to go to Sea World with a good friend, but plans fell through :( I was pretty bummed.
Friday night M finally replaced the fan in the kids room. They have been without a ceiling fan for at least 2-3 months now. Their little room does get quite warm, so a fan is needed. Plus it adds a little sound so they don't hear everything that is going on outside of their bedroom and wake up and want to play. Of course Booger and Pretty girl HAD to help daddy. Thankfully no pieces were broken or lost in the process.

Saturday we just hung around during the day, then ran a few errands that night. I did get some cute pics of the kids though.

Pretty girl LOVES our puppy and thankfully our puppy loves her

She was screaming, so we gave her something to play with, go figure an empty cup would entertain her for awhile. :)

Sunday we ended up going to my mom's house. We try to get over there at least once a week. I am over there WAY more when M is not home. The kids love playing over there and my mom loves spending time with them.

Good morning (please excuse my icky hair)

Great Grandma reading pretty girl a story

Her newest kissy face

riding on her car

Monday started off a little rough, but we got through it. My biffle needed to finish unpacking her new house and asked if we could watch her daughter for a while. Of course we said yes. Booger and her played GREAT, as they usually do. We ended up riding our bikes over to the park that is just down the road from us and the kids had a great time.


I see you!!!!

My sweet boy

Best friends at the park

Having fun at the park. (You can kind of see her hair cut in this pic)

Oh pretty girl also got a hair cut from daddy Sunday night and it looks sooooo cute! He did an AMAZING job! I will have to try and get a good pic of it. I know I couldn't have done any better than he did.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Can't believe February is almost over. Where is the time going????


  1. i love your blog your family sounds like mine. It's always nice to have a long weekend together but my husband just got a new security job so he will be working overnights on weekends but thats ok. such cute kiddos

  2. I love that you go see your Mom once a week that is really special. :)

  3. So glad that you had a good weekend! I love 3 days... they are good for the soul :)


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