Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Letters 2/15

Time again for Friday letters :)


*Students: I swear you will send me to an early grave with how long it takes you to accomplish something. Also if some of you can't start paying attention and stop asking stupid questions that I have JUST answered....I'm just going to ignore you and write you up. I'm done. The amount of laziness is just astounding to me most days. Please find some inner responsibility and some inner motivation.

*School: why do you make me accept late work? It doesn't help the students at all. It only shows them that they don't have to do the work when I assign it because they will be able to do it later. It's not fair for those who actually do their work on time, and it makes more work for me. What are we teaching them by doing this??? Nothing.

*Strong bonds: While I didn't learn much from you, I really enjoyed having a weekend alone with my husband. I will have a whole post about this soon. We really did have a great weekend!

*Husband: While you are not a huge romantic, I still love you so very much. I don't care that you didn't go all out on Valentine's Day, the little things you do for me on the rest of the days are what means the most to me.

*Army wife friend: I'm sooooo sad that we are unable to go to Sea World and that we won't get to hang out again before you leave. :( We should have planned more Olive Garden dates. Hopefully next time you come to visit I won't be working and we can hang out more.

*Biffle: I'm so excited that today is moving day and you are going to be like 3 minutes down the road from me. I am also so happy for all of the great things that have been happening in your life lately. You deserve it!

*Booger and pretty girl: You two are super cute. Although Booger what ever has crawled up your butt and created the bossy, mouthy monster that you have been lately. Please bring my loving little man back. Pretty girl, please stop getting ear infections. I feel so bad for you and hope that you don't have to get tubes, but it's looking more and more likely that you will. You are turning into quite the independent little thing.

Happy Friday y'all!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the weekend away with your husband! Can't wait to hear about the strong bonds. :)

  2. I swear we are going to start FaceTime Olive Garden dates!

  3. hi i am your newest follower i love your blog and i am also an army reserve wife

  4. I would kill to have my biffle three minutes away! I can't believe your school makes you take late work. A) they shouldn't allow it and b) it's YOUR class, so it should be your rules.

  5. They're so cute in the bath together!


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